Are dentures in Edinburgh the solution for you?

Nobody wants to live a life feeling unhappy due to missing teeth.  Smiling and laughing are two of the most important things we do as human beings, so to live without these joys or even struggling to eat the food you want, is most definitely not fun!

Dentures in EdinburghIt can be very stressful when you realise that you may need to look at options for the treatment of your missing teeth, but why not call us at Meadowbank Dental? We have all the answers to almost every dental problem.

You may have lost teeth due to a number of reasons including, tooth decay, gum disease or even an accident, but don’t worry!  Modern-day dentures offer a solution that look like your natural teeth and can help to restore both your self-confidence and your self-esteem.

What exactly are dentures in Edinburgh?

Dentures are artificial teeth that can be removed for cleaning and are made from a variety of optional materials such as nylon, metal or acrylic. They are crafted by technicians specifically for the patient, to fit very snugly over the area where the teeth are missing. There are many options for patients who need dentures.  If all the teeth need to be replaced, a complete set of dentures in Edinburgh could be the solution, these would replace the upper and lower teeth. For those who only have one or a couple of teeth missing, partial dentures or individual artificial teeth could suffice.

Why bother with dentures?

The gaps where teeth used to be can be a place where food is easily caught and this leads to tooth decay if not cleaned properly.   Dentures may help with talking and eating and could boost your confidence no end, as they manage to bring your perfect smile back to your face!

How comfortable is this treatement?

As with anything new, when you wear dentures initially, you will need a little bit of time to get used to them, especially when chewing or smiling, but soon this will not be a problem. Always ensure that you have a good oral cleaning routine, so that you avoid tooth decay and gum disease.  Our hygienist is specialised in this area and will show you the best way to make sure that your artificial teeth are always sparkling and your breath fresh!

And relax …

If you feel that you need a solution for missing teeth, come and speak to us about all the options available to you. We have ample practitioners with many years of experience in providing dentures and who will allay any worries you have about the treatment.

With strong oral health care conducted by yourself at home and regular checks on your new teeth from your dentist, your artificial new teeth should last for many years.

So maybe it is time for you to make the best of all the dental technology that we have to offer  and embrace a new set of teeth and a confident new you in the process!