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All your questions answered about dental implants

If you’re considering dental implants Edinburgh as a treatment option for missing teeth, it is likely that you have a lot of questions. That is completely normal and we understand that in order for our patients to feel comfortable and safe with us, they need to have all the information before moving forward. Here at Meadowbank Dental, we want the best for everyone that comes to see us. It is important to us that you feel comfortable within our practice and for that reason, we’re dedicated to quality patient care. Dental implants Edinburgh are a great option for those who have lost just one or potentially multiple teeth, however, we will always assess on an individual basis and only make recommendations with your health in mind.


If you’re someone that is thinking about dental implants Edinburgh, be sure to read ahead as our experienced team covers all your most asked questions on the treatment, as well as listing the benefits.

Does it matter how I lost my teeth?

There are a long list of varying reasons as to why someone might have lost their teeth. Perhaps you have experienced trauma to your mouth as a result of a recent injury, or it could have been natural as you started to age. There is also a chance that gum disease or a decay has led to you losing your teeth. Whatever the reason is, implants could be a great option for you. We will be sure to examine your mouth and site area or areas thoroughly during your first consultation with us, before recommending a treatment.

What are implants?

The implant part of this treatment is a small titanium screw. The artificial tooth, however, that is placed on top of the metal screw, is attached by an abutment. It is the artificial prosthetic that will give you the natural look you desire, with the implant offering stability, just as your natural root would do.

What is the process?

The initial process will always begin with a consultation, as mentioned. It is important that we get a full dental history and any further information we need, as well as scans and X-rays of your mouth and jaw. The last thing we want to do is instal an implant into an infected area, or an area that might not take well to the titanium screw. Once the initial appointment has passed, we will instal the screw into your jaw. With some patients, there may be a healing period before the next part of the process. This healing time ensures that the bone and surrounding tissue are fusing correctly with the implant. From here, we will place the prosthetic crown or similar replacement device on top, providing you with a full smile once again.

What are the benefits?

The stability from the titanium screw offers more benefits than you can think of. The implant can last for years to come with the correct care, but it will also offer support to the rest of your jaw and even your facial features, which may have started to appear sunken from the gaps in your smile. It is unlikely that your surrounding teeth will face any damage from this treatment, as we don’t have to use them to secure it. It is important to us that you gain as much confidence as possible from this treatment, so we will always match the artificial tooth in shape, size and colour.

You can gain perfectly straight teeth with Invisalign Edinburgh

One of the most common dental issues that adults are living with in the UK is that of misaligned teeth, which can cause people to have to live with other complications within their oral health and hygiene. If you are someone who is living with the issues and discomfort that having crooked teeth can cause then we would like you to know that there is absolutely no need for you to carry on doing so, as there are tooth alignment treatments available for adults that are discreet and can help to bring about the results you want.

We understand that you may have chosen not to engage with tooth alignment treatment earlier in your life, normally in your early teenage years, for very personal reasons that would have made complete sense to you are that stage of your life but later you came to regret your decision. Maybe you also came to believe that the window of opportunity to receive treatment has passed you by, which is not the case.

At Meadowbank Dental we now offer our patients a tooth alignment treatment, that is suitable for treating adult teeth, in the form of Invisalign Edinburgh.

A revolution within tooth alignment treatment

In recent years there has been recognition of the need to provide an aligner that would be able to meet the demands of reluctant patients, as they had very specific reasons for walking away from the treatments of the past. What these patients are looking for is a treatment that can provide great results and that will not attract any attention from others when worn in place within the mouth.

Due to the design and materials of Invisalign Edinburgh, you can now receive the treatment you feel you need in a way that respects your privacy.

Made from two layers of strong, durable, and clear plastic this new breed of the aligner is designed to fit over your teeth and hide in the plain sight of those around, meaning you can now receive treatment while continuing your life as normal and without other being aware that you are receiving tooth alignment treatment.

Book a consultation

If you are considering undergoing tooth alignment treatment you will need to attend a consultation with your dentist to have your need fully assessed. At this appointment your dental professional will examine your teeth and gums, they may also take scans or x-rays, and they will be happy to take you through your treatment options.

Should you decide to go ahead, the scans or x-rays will be used to help create a series of aligners for you, each of which serves its own role within your treatment. Each aligner is worn for around two weeks and then is exchanged with the next in the series.

To achieve great results with tooth alignment treatment you may have to commit to a treatment period of twelve to eighteen months, but we are sure you will be happy with the results.

Invisalign Edinburgh really does represent aligners that are suitable for the twenty-first century and should be given some serious consideration. Whatever your dental needs are, at Meadowbank you will be well looked after every step of the way.

How can I improve my dental hygiene?

Taking care of your dental hygiene Edinburgh has never been easier. However, here at Meadowbank Dental, we understand it isn’t always that simple. Busy schedules and simply forgetting can wreak havoc on your teeth, but you can rest easy knowing that there are quick and simple ways for you to keep on top of your oral hygiene. It might help you to set a reminder to keep you on that strict dental hygiene Edinburgh regime, or buying a new and exciting toothbrush could make you more enthused to take the time!


Whatever your reason for losing touch with your dental hygiene Edinburgh, we can help. In this short article, we’ll discuss all the ways to keep on top of your oral hygiene and the things you can do to improve it.


When you’ve had a busy day out or at work, it is really easy to forget to brush your teeth. This is actually one of the more important times to brush them. After a day of eating and talking, your teeth require a much needed clean, ready for the following day. Be certain to take your time when cleaning your teeth, making sure that you’ve covered your entire mouth and be gentle with your circular motions. Brushing hard may cause you other problems, so it is important that you take care of them and don’t add too much pressure! Remember, your tongue can get just as dirty as your teeth and can even harbour germs that can transfer to your teeth as you sleep. Adding your tongue into your regular teeth cleaning schedule can even reduce potential bad breath! Using fluoride toothpaste will really make your teeth feel like they’re experiencing a spa day.

Flossing and mouthwash

We only want what is best for your mouth and teeth, just like you. Adding flossing and mouthwash can further keep on top of your oral hygiene and get rid of any food that may be hiding between your teeth in places that your toothbrush might not be able to fit. If you’re unsure on how to floss or which mouthwash to use, simply ask us! We have many recommendations just waiting to be used.


Having your teeth professionally cleaned by a member of the team will allow you to rest easy knowing that your mouth is being taken care of and any plaque is being removed in a safe way. One of the most rewarding parts of these appointments with us is feeling and seeing just how clean your teeth can be. We’ll also give you many tips and tricks during and after the appointment that will guide you in the best way to keep your mouth clean and prevent any potential problems that can come from not taking care of your teeth. We usually warm water to wash away any plaque building, so the overall experience can be quite relaxing and even fun!

Bad breath

If you’ve been following all our guidance and you still find that there is an unpleasant odour coming from your mouth, it is important that you make the time to visit us. More often than not, there may be another reason that you’re suffering from bad breath, especially if you know you’ve been keeping on top of your oral hygiene!

Combat the early signs of gum disease with periodontics Edinburgh

At Meadowbank Dental we believe in caring for our patients and offering the latest and most effective dentistry. If you’re looking to sign up with a local dental practitioner or need periodontics Edinburgh, you will be looked after every step of the way at our surgery

Our award-winning team of professionals understand the importance of a healthy, glowing smile and are on hand to provide you with the best quality that dentistry has available today, from routine check-ups and orthodontics to porcelain veneers and dental implants.

Did you know that with periodontics Edinburgh our team focuses their expertise on identifying and treating all kinds of gum disease?

Book your first appointment at our dental practice

At the surgery, our team is invested in the wellbeing of our patients, and they are at the centre of everything we do. Visiting the practice for the very first time is easy, as our friendly receptionist is on hand to assist you during the process.

We are conveniently located close to Edinburgh city centre in a state-of-the-art modern practice in Earlston Place. Our dental practice is wheelchair accessible to accommodate all patients’ needs, and our dental team are multilingual and are able to converse in a variety of languages so you can feel at home. We offer dental treatment for both adults and children under the NHS bracket and our dental practice also offers a full range of private dental services which you are welcome to consider. Simply contact us to find out more about the various options available to you.

For first-time visitors we ask that you simply fill out a medical history form and a patient questionnaire on arrival. This will help our team to determine your dental history as well as establish what your goals are for your dental care.

Gum disease is common for many patients all across the world

If you fear you are alone in suffering from a gum disease, fear not, as many patients worldwide have experienced a similar condition to you. In fact, many adults in the UK are also known to have been diagnosed with one form of gum disease or another and most people will experience it at least once during their lifetime.

Gingivitis is a common condition and this is primarily caused by a build-up of plaque bacteria that attaches onto your teeth. If the plaque is not removed and is left untreated, it may cause irritation in patients resulting in bleeding gums and feelings of discomfort and pain.

Early signs that you are experiencing gingivitis include swollen or painful gums, visible signs of blood after brushing your teeth, bad breath and even loose teeth.

Preventing the risk of experiencing gum disease is easy with the right care

It’s important to follow a strict oral hygiene routine as this goes a long way in reducing the risk of disease.

A few ways this can be achieved is by brushing your teeth both in the morning when you wake up and at night before bed. We highly recommend regular flossing as well to all our patients.

It’s important to seek out treatment as soon as you notice any of these unwanted symptoms. Book a visit with our dental hygienist who is happy to help remove plaque and treat gingivitis. Our periodontics Edinburgh expertise is on hand to assist you with treatment before it develops into something more serious.

Looking to discover how dental implants Edinburgh could change your outlook?

A smile you can rely on

One of the most rewarding treatments that we offer here at Meadowbank Dental by far – both for the patients receiving them and the practitioners themselves – is dental implants Edinburgh, as they can completely restore and reshape a patient’s oral condition and outlook. Living with single or multiple missing teeth is never easy and that often gets worse as time goes on, rather than better.


However, by speaking with one of our qualified and approachable team members here at Meadowbank Dental about your eligibility for dental implants, it is possible to functionally restore the tooth or teeth that you’ve lost as well as fill the gap in with a virtually indistinguishable new tooth.

Why choose dental implants Edinburgh?

When it comes to why anyone who has lost one or more of their teeth should choose dental implants Edinburgh from us here at Meadowbank Dental over more conventional treatments such as dental bridges, crowns or dentures, the facts speak for themselves. Although these alternative treatments may cost you less in an immediate sense, it is far more likely that patient’s who fill in a gap in their mouth with dentures or dental crowns will need further dental care in the future.

This is partly because such treatments are not permanently attached within the patient’s jaw, but instead commonly sit on your gum line and use existing teeth for support. This means that if your existing teeth shift out of place (which they are likely to do if space is missing) the denture or crown will become less effective and comfortable.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants, however, are a permanent solution to lost teeth and can be permanently attached in position within the patient’s jawbone through a complex dental surgery. This means that your new tooth will feel almost completely natural and can be used freely and without concern about causing yourself damage or discomfort when chewing even the hardest or most brittle foods.

Another reason for choosing dental implants from us here at Meadowbank Dental is that once dental implants have been installed, there is rarely any call for further dental treatments down the line, which makes them an appealing option for anyone who wants to fill a gap in their mouth once and for all.

How do implants work?

Implants work in a way that is very close to how a natural tooth works – meaning they are fixed within your gum permanently by being fused into your jawbone. However, the main difference is that dental implants use a titanium-alloy socket that is embedded inside your jaw tissue through dental surgery. Titanium-alloy is specifically used in the installation of dental implants as it is the only metal that is durable and can integrate itself with human bone tissue, making it ideal for the dental implant process.

As you may imagine, getting implants from us here at Meadowbank Dental isn’t a one-step process as there are numerous measurements that must be taken to create an authentic-looking and comfortable new tooth; however, it all starts with a simple phone call to our practice and the arranging of an initial consultation.

Continuing daily life whilst receiving treatment with Invisalign Edinburgh

Invisalign; what is it?

Comfy, tailor-made trays which realign the teeth, whilst allowing you to continue your daily life with little impact, may sound like a dream rather than reality, but rest assured, with Invisalign Edinburgh this dream can be your reality. These snug-fitting aligners are created from a series of digital scans which are taken during your initial consultation and to the outside world, are barely noticeable. This discreet, cosmetic appeal, combined with a practical and effective realignment treatment, ensures that patients work towards the smile they are after.

Understanding your side of the commitment

Many dental treatments and procedures are primarily carried out by the dental team, with the general aftercare being your responsibility. However, Invisalign Edinburgh is unlike other orthodontic treatments and focusses on putting the responsibility and commitment back into the patient’s hands. Whilst this may sound a little daunting, rest assured you are supported 100% of the way by your dental team, but the treatment fits easily into your daily routine without the need for continuous adjustments within the dental practice.

But what about your commitment?

The first thing to remember is that each set of aligners is removable and therefore it can be all too easy to forget to put the aligner back in after your daily oral clean. Or it may be that you are going out and do not want to be wearing the aligners. Each aligner is intended to be worn for approximately 22 hours a day with removal being intended only during meal times and for your oral hygiene regime. Continuously removing or forgetting to replace the aligner delays the end result and can gradually undo the positive steps towards a straighter smile. After all, aligners become ineffectual when continuously removed or left on the side. It is therefore important for you to find ways, should you need them, to remind yourself to replace the aligners each time they have been removed.

The next responsibility that falls into your hands is to follow the plan which has been created for you. As a patient with this treatment you receive a series of aligners which you gradually work through, changing them along the way as per your dental team instructions. Each aligner is used to push the teeth into a certain position and then, once advised by your dental team, you will move on to the next aligner. This may not be immediately after your appointment and may be a week down the line, it is therefore important for you to take note of the plan, work towards it and seek support from your dental team should you so need it. Realigning the teeth needs to be a gradual process and therefore requires a large commitment from you. At no point are you alone during this treatment, so although you are in charge of the daily care and change-overs, rest assured that the goal you have in mind is our goal. Treatment with Invisalign Edinburgh is still a team effort rather than a solo mission, it merely puts more control back into the patient’s hands.

Why the rise in popularity?

As society continues to focus on the cosmetic appearance of each individual, it is no wonder that older teens and adults want a discreet treatment available for straightening their smile. Whilst tackling a potential insecurity the last thing anyone wants is to replace it with an alternative embarrassment and therefore perfecting your smile with transparent aligners has become the perfect solution.

Back to basics

At Meadowbank Dental, we know that dental hygiene Edinburgh has saved more teeth than all other forms of dentistry and cleaning combined. And best of all, it is relatively simple!

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of seeing our hygienists regularly.

Dietary guidance

As obvious as it sounds, there are several things you may be consuming in your diet that may be damaging your teeth. And not all of them are as obvious as sugary drinks.

Many patients are surprised to learn that relatively benign things that are actively encouraged by doctors, such as fruit, contain high levels of sugar which can build up and cause damage to your enamel.

Our hygienist can offer you the best advice available on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy, by focusing on your diet as a starting point and then looking at other areas of your lifestyle too, such as smoking and the consumption of alcohol.

Cleaning guidance

Dental hygiene Edinburgh focuses primarily on cleaning your teeth to remove plaque and tartar.

And while our hygienist team can offer you an in-depth clean once a year, they can also offer you guidance on how to best clean your teeth at home. This means exploring the softness of the bristles on your toothbrush, the toothpaste you are using, the mouthwash, showing you how to use interdental brushes and even how to use good old fashioned floss.

We can also show your children how to clean their teeth properly too, ensuring that the chances of them succumbing to tooth decay and gum disease later in life are greatly reduced.

Plaque removal

A key benefit of attending check-ups with our hygienist is that we can remove plaque from your teeth alongside tartar.

Daily brushing of your teeth is important, but on occasion, there may be a part of your mouth that has been missed due to the position of your teeth or even your brushing technique. Left on its own, this can increase the chances of tooth decay and gum disease. So our team will aim to remove stubborn plaque that is present above and below the gum line to promote better long-term dental health.

Better oral health

When comparing how many teeth have been saved by general dentists against those by hygienists, there is no real comparison. Dental hygiene Edinburgh as an area has not only saved hundreds of teeth and the aesthetics of many smiles, but it has prompted better oral health too.

By having plaque removed from your mouth regularly, you are improving your oral health and reducing the chances of complicated secondary issues from forming, such as periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Not only that, but left on the teeth, plaque has been linked to many health conditions which include cardiovascular issues and even an increased risk of other chronic conditions like diabetes.

Whiter smile

The main benefit of regular trips to see our hygienist is a whiter, healthier smile.

This is because when we perform a scale and polish, we are not only removing plaque, but we are also whitening your teeth.

For more information or to book an appointment with our hygienist, call our surgery today.

Having issues with your gums?

Have you noticed that your gums are either sore, painful, or experience bleeding during and after you brush your teeth? Maybe you have noticed that your gums are swollen and you are unsure as to why this is. If you are currently experiencing any of the above symptoms and are based in Edinburgh, you may want to consider visiting our dental practice; Meadowbank Dental, where we offer dental treatments within periodontics Edinburgh.


An insight into gum disease

Known to be one of the most common dental problems in the UK, gum disease occurs when there is a plaque build up on your teeth and it is not removed. This is because plaque is made of bacteria and although some of the bacteria may be harmless, some can be harmful and affect the health of your gums if not removed quickly enough.

How we can help you at Meadowbank Dental

Based in Edinburgh, our practice Meadowbank Dental is dedicated to providing both professional and high quality dental care for all our patients; whether new or existing. We ensure that we keep up to date with latest dental advancements to ensure that our patients are receiving the best dental treatment and our team of dental professionals also strive to ensure that you are well looked after at every step of your experience with us, whilst doing our best to make sure we meet your individual needs.

At Meadowbank Dental, we offer high quality dental treatments in various areas of dentistry. For example, if you are looking to improve your smile, we can offer dental treatments within cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, veneers or even orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign.

We also offer at our practice, dental treatments within what we refer to in dentistry as periodontics Edinburgh, which focuses on treating diseases of the gums and additionally the bones that support the teeth.

How do I know if I have gum disease?

If you are worried about whether you have gum disease or not, it is advised that you visit our practice so that an experienced member of our dental team can thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and mouth in order to confirm whether this is the case.

If you are experiencing either swollen and/or painful gums, bad breath, receding gums or you notice your gums may bleed after you brush or floss your teeth, it is highly likely that you are experiencing the early stage of gum disease which is known as gingivitis.

When you visit our practice, we will recommend that you see our dental hygienist, who will be able to clean your teeth by removing the plaque build-up and also provide you with detailed advice on how to develop an effective oral care regime to reduce the risk of gum disease and ensure that your teeth, gums and mouth remains healthy.

In some cases, if the gingivitis is left untreated, it can develop into a more serious form of gum disease, which is known and periodontitis. Peridontitis damages soft tissue in the gums and can lead to tooth loss along with other serious dental health conditions.

At Meadowbank Dental we understand how serious gum disease is which is why we have our experienced associate dentist who is able to treat periodontal conditions.

Does the idea of dental implants scare you?

Apprehension is usually due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of something. Many of us are still anxious about going to the dentist, but these days there really is no need for you to be concerned. A great deal of time is spent by dentists and dental staff in reassuring patients and making them feel comfortable and relaxed. New techniques and equipment have reduced the pain that we used to experience and most procedures are now virtually pain-free. Part of our preventive dentistry regime is to encourage parents to bring their children in at as young as one year old. Their introduction into the surgery allows them to become familiar with the noises, smells and equipment so that they are relaxed and calm when visiting the dentist as they grow older.

If it should become necessary for any of our patients to have teeth replaced, to alleviate any tension, we explain all the procedures necessary when we perform dental implants Edinburgh.

No longer necessary to live with missing teeth

Meadowbank Dental has invested in the latest equipment and our staff attend regular seminars and training to maintain our high standards of service delivery when performing dental implants. Implantology has made enormous strides over the decades and particularly over the past fifteen years. Our own Doctor Bharadwaj has an impressive history of training in the field of implantology and even lectures on the subject. For many years dentures and bridges were the treatment of choice to replace missing teeth and while they have improved immensely they are still not a permanent solution. Recent advances in bone-augmentation techniques have brought about quicker and more enhanced integration of the bone. These advances have allowed for earlier and immediate implant replacement to be effective. Now there is no need for you to live with teeth missing or with unstable dentures.

Why are implants better than dentures?

Dental implants Edinburgh are designed to work in the same way as your natural teeth which are anchored to your jaw by a root. Our natural teeth work well because they do not move as they have a root, unlike a bridge or dentures. Bridges require teeth or a tooth to which they can be anchored which over time can lead to problems.

What is the implant procedure?

Dental implants Edinburgh work on the basis that you must have a root that provides stability to your tooth so that there is no movement, especially when eating. Before we recommend implants we will always conduct a thorough oral examination with X-rays and a 3D scan. We will also want to know your entire medical history including prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines, and any supplements that you have used. We will then discuss if implants are the correct treatment for you and your condition. Once we are all in agreement that we are going to proceed we will draw up a comprehensive treatment plan. On the day of the procedure we will make a small incision in your gum to expose your jawbone. We then drill a small hole into your jawbone where the implant will be placed. A titanium post is inserted into the hole which will act as the root. You will then need to wait a few months while the bone and gum grow around the titanium post. Once this process is complete you will be required to return to our surgery where an abutment will be fitted to the post. This abutment is the piece into which the crown or artificial tooth will be placed. Before the final stage of the crown being affixed you will need to wait a further two weeks for your gum to heal from the abutment placement. You will then return to have the crown fitted which will be shaped and coloured to match your natural teeth.

After the dental implant has been fitted

For about two weeks we will advise you to eat soft foods to allow the site of the implant to heal properly. If you experience any discomfort contact us. After this two week period we will ask you to come back to the surgery so that we can assess your progress. After this visit you should be able to gradually return to normality with eating, drinking and oral care.

Do you take your dental hygiene seriously?

When it comes to teeth a lot of people believe that they can just have a check-up and that is all that’s needed for them to be okay. If only this was the case. At Meadowbank Dental we endeavour to make sure that all of our patients know how important it is to take care of their teeth properly if they wish to keep them both strong and healthy. We provide a variety of treatments surrounding dental hygiene Edinburgh. If you wish to find out more about what treatments we offer or you are simply worried about the condition of your own teeth then we recommend that you arrange an appointment to see one of our practitioners, as they will be able to advise you on which treatments will benefit you the most, as well as informing you about habits you should be trying to adopt at home. 

Our dental practice can help

If you have been trying to find out more about dental hygiene Edinburgh you have come to the right place. At Meadowbank Dental we are not satisfied until our patients have a smile that they love, and a big part of achieving that is having an appointment with one of our practitioners for a scale and polish as well as a professional, thorough clean. At this appointment you will have any hardened plaque and tartar removed from the surfaces of your teeth. Your gums will also be cleaned properly, making sure there is no plaque gathering in the pockets at the bottom of your teeth. Once your teeth are completely clean you will have them polished too, which leaves them looking cleaner and fresher in a majority of circumstances. Having a professional clean regularly will help to keep things such as gingivitis and gum disease at bay, as well as helping to avoid things like general tooth decay.

Things you can do at home to help maintain strong, healthy teeth

A lot of people believe that when it comes to dental hygiene Edinburgh only a professional can help. Whilst it is important to have regular check-ups and professional cleans, there are also things that you can be doing at home to ensure that your teeth stay as strong and healthy as possible. For example, brushing your teeth twice a day is a must. Once first thing in the morning before you have eaten anything, and once last thing at night before you go to sleep. This will help to reduce plaque build-up, but it is important that you do not brush your teeth within an hour of eating food, as eating food weakens your enamel and brushing them can then damage it more. Alongside brushing, it is important to be flossing your teeth at least once a day too. This prevents anything from being caught between your teeth. Mouthwash can also be used to eliminate bacteria from around your mouth. If you are worried about which products to use then your dental practitioner will be able to recommend products that are suited to your individual situation.