Blowing hot and cold on your teeth

Nothing feels a temperature change like sensitive teeth. Maybe you have sensitive teeth. If so, you’ll know how they can take all the fun out of sipping a hot latte or cooling down on the beach with an iced water. How can teeth hurt so much just because you step outside and there’s a cold wind blowing? Well, there are several reasons as to why you have developed sensitive teeth, and each has its own method of treatment.

Sensitive Teeth EdinburghWhitening

If you have recently had your teeth whitened, it can leave your teeth feeling sensitive for a while. Come and see us and we can give you something to help remineralise your teeth.

Too much brushing

If you are overzealous with the toothbrushing and use a hard brush, you can end up taking the enamel off your teeth, or at least making it a lot thinner. This means that your nerves are nearer to the surface and register temperature changes more easily.


You can also lose the enamel from your teeth if you have been consuming a lot of sugary foods and drinks, which combines with the bacteria in your mouth to create acids that eat away at your teeth.

Gum recession

If you are getting ‘long in the tooth’, such that your gums are receding to expose the roots of your teeth, it’s probably hot and cold hitting them as roots have no hard, protective enamel layer.

Split teeth

You may have a crack in your tooth that you cannot feel, but it means the tooth can feel all too clearly. We can protect the tooth with a crown, a porcelain hat that goes over the entire tooth to extend its life.

Night time grinding

This is when you grind your teeth together in your sleep. Not only does it make your jaw hurt but it takes the enamel off the chewing surfaces.

Come and see us

This article only gives you an indication of what could be going on. It does not give you answers. For that, you need to bring your sensitive teeth in for an examination here at Meadowbank Dental in Edinburgh so that we can discover exactly what is going on and find a solution for you.