Dental Hygiene

How can I improve my dental hygiene?

Taking care of your dental hygiene Edinburgh has never been easier. However, here at Meadowbank Dental, we understand it isn’t always that simple. Busy schedules and simply forgetting can wreak havoc on your teeth, but you can rest easy knowing that there are quick and simple ways for you to keep on top of your oral hygiene. It might help you to set a reminder to keep you on that strict dental hygiene Edinburgh regime, or buying a new and exciting toothbrush could make you more enthused to take the time!


Whatever your reason for losing touch with your dental hygiene Edinburgh, we can help. In this short article, we’ll discuss all the ways to keep on top of your oral hygiene and the things you can do to improve it.


When you’ve had a busy day out or at work, it is really easy to forget to brush your teeth. This is actually one of the more important times to brush them. After a day of eating and talking, your teeth require a much needed clean, ready for the following day. Be certain to take your time when cleaning your teeth, making sure that you’ve covered your entire mouth and be gentle with your circular motions. Brushing hard may cause you other problems, so it is important that you take care of them and don’t add too much pressure! Remember, your tongue can get just as dirty as your teeth and can even harbour germs that can transfer to your teeth as you sleep. Adding your tongue into your regular teeth cleaning schedule can even reduce potential bad breath! Using fluoride toothpaste will really make your teeth feel like they’re experiencing a spa day.

Flossing and mouthwash

We only want what is best for your mouth and teeth, just like you. Adding flossing and mouthwash can further keep on top of your oral hygiene and get rid of any food that may be hiding between your teeth in places that your toothbrush might not be able to fit. If you’re unsure on how to floss or which mouthwash to use, simply ask us! We have many recommendations just waiting to be used.


Having your teeth professionally cleaned by a member of the team will allow you to rest easy knowing that your mouth is being taken care of and any plaque is being removed in a safe way. One of the most rewarding parts of these appointments with us is feeling and seeing just how clean your teeth can be. We’ll also give you many tips and tricks during and after the appointment that will guide you in the best way to keep your mouth clean and prevent any potential problems that can come from not taking care of your teeth. We usually warm water to wash away any plaque building, so the overall experience can be quite relaxing and even fun!

Bad breath

If you’ve been following all our guidance and you still find that there is an unpleasant odour coming from your mouth, it is important that you make the time to visit us. More often than not, there may be another reason that you’re suffering from bad breath, especially if you know you’ve been keeping on top of your oral hygiene!

Back to basics

At Meadowbank Dental, we know that dental hygiene Edinburgh has saved more teeth than all other forms of dentistry and cleaning combined. And best of all, it is relatively simple!

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of seeing our hygienists regularly.

Dietary guidance

As obvious as it sounds, there are several things you may be consuming in your diet that may be damaging your teeth. And not all of them are as obvious as sugary drinks.

Many patients are surprised to learn that relatively benign things that are actively encouraged by doctors, such as fruit, contain high levels of sugar which can build up and cause damage to your enamel.

Our hygienist can offer you the best advice available on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy, by focusing on your diet as a starting point and then looking at other areas of your lifestyle too, such as smoking and the consumption of alcohol.

Cleaning guidance

Dental hygiene Edinburgh focuses primarily on cleaning your teeth to remove plaque and tartar.

And while our hygienist team can offer you an in-depth clean once a year, they can also offer you guidance on how to best clean your teeth at home. This means exploring the softness of the bristles on your toothbrush, the toothpaste you are using, the mouthwash, showing you how to use interdental brushes and even how to use good old fashioned floss.

We can also show your children how to clean their teeth properly too, ensuring that the chances of them succumbing to tooth decay and gum disease later in life are greatly reduced.

Plaque removal

A key benefit of attending check-ups with our hygienist is that we can remove plaque from your teeth alongside tartar.

Daily brushing of your teeth is important, but on occasion, there may be a part of your mouth that has been missed due to the position of your teeth or even your brushing technique. Left on its own, this can increase the chances of tooth decay and gum disease. So our team will aim to remove stubborn plaque that is present above and below the gum line to promote better long-term dental health.

Better oral health

When comparing how many teeth have been saved by general dentists against those by hygienists, there is no real comparison. Dental hygiene Edinburgh as an area has not only saved hundreds of teeth and the aesthetics of many smiles, but it has prompted better oral health too.

By having plaque removed from your mouth regularly, you are improving your oral health and reducing the chances of complicated secondary issues from forming, such as periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Not only that, but left on the teeth, plaque has been linked to many health conditions which include cardiovascular issues and even an increased risk of other chronic conditions like diabetes.

Whiter smile

The main benefit of regular trips to see our hygienist is a whiter, healthier smile.

This is because when we perform a scale and polish, we are not only removing plaque, but we are also whitening your teeth.

For more information or to book an appointment with our hygienist, call our surgery today.

Do you take your dental hygiene seriously?

When it comes to teeth a lot of people believe that they can just have a check-up and that is all that’s needed for them to be okay. If only this was the case. At Meadowbank Dental we endeavour to make sure that all of our patients know how important it is to take care of their teeth properly if they wish to keep them both strong and healthy. We provide a variety of treatments surrounding dental hygiene Edinburgh. If you wish to find out more about what treatments we offer or you are simply worried about the condition of your own teeth then we recommend that you arrange an appointment to see one of our practitioners, as they will be able to advise you on which treatments will benefit you the most, as well as informing you about habits you should be trying to adopt at home. 

Our dental practice can help

If you have been trying to find out more about dental hygiene Edinburgh you have come to the right place. At Meadowbank Dental we are not satisfied until our patients have a smile that they love, and a big part of achieving that is having an appointment with one of our practitioners for a scale and polish as well as a professional, thorough clean. At this appointment you will have any hardened plaque and tartar removed from the surfaces of your teeth. Your gums will also be cleaned properly, making sure there is no plaque gathering in the pockets at the bottom of your teeth. Once your teeth are completely clean you will have them polished too, which leaves them looking cleaner and fresher in a majority of circumstances. Having a professional clean regularly will help to keep things such as gingivitis and gum disease at bay, as well as helping to avoid things like general tooth decay.

Things you can do at home to help maintain strong, healthy teeth

A lot of people believe that when it comes to dental hygiene Edinburgh only a professional can help. Whilst it is important to have regular check-ups and professional cleans, there are also things that you can be doing at home to ensure that your teeth stay as strong and healthy as possible. For example, brushing your teeth twice a day is a must. Once first thing in the morning before you have eaten anything, and once last thing at night before you go to sleep. This will help to reduce plaque build-up, but it is important that you do not brush your teeth within an hour of eating food, as eating food weakens your enamel and brushing them can then damage it more. Alongside brushing, it is important to be flossing your teeth at least once a day too. This prevents anything from being caught between your teeth. Mouthwash can also be used to eliminate bacteria from around your mouth. If you are worried about which products to use then your dental practitioner will be able to recommend products that are suited to your individual situation.

Let’s consider dental hygiene in Edinburgh

When we think about things that we need to dedicate time to daily one of the first things we think of is cleaning our teeth, through brushing and flossing. Attaching importance to having a good oral hygiene routine is something that is taught to us as children, we then pass this on and teach the same level of importance to our own children.


When we practise a good oral hygiene routine, it helps us to avoid serious dental issues and the need to undergo invasive dental procedures that most of us would rather avoid. The benefits of having a high standard of oral hygiene are many, from having nice breath to feeling more confident about ourselves, the positive impacts on our lives are clear to understand.

As a leading dental practice in the area, Meadowbank Dental, we see our role as one of being on the front line in the fight for a good standard of dental hygiene Edinburgh.  We have a strong desire to help all our patients to achieve the best oral health and hygiene standards possible, we aim to achieve this in a way that has a positive impact on our patients’ lives that is long lasting.

Brushing, flossing, and check-ups

At home, we can brush and floss our teeth to maintain cleanliness, but it is also very important to seek professional advice and assistance, as this will help to clean the areas of the teeth and gums that can not be reached with a toothbrush. Having a regular dental check-up helps our patients to have a good standard of dental hygiene Edinburgh.

At your dental check-ups our dentist can carry out assessments of your oral health and hygiene needs regularly, this will help to track any issues and allow them to make recommendations about any treatments they may feel will benefit you. They can also assess the level of plaque build-up; this will allow them to refer you to our dental hygienist if they feel there is a need and that it would be of benefit to you.

The role of the dental hygienist

A dental hygienist can play a major role in anyone’s oral health and hygiene practices, as they can bring their specialised knowledge and skills into play, applying their expertise to allow you to gain the benefit of their advice as well as their scrupulous dental cleaning.

The dental hygienist can clean your teeth professionally using specialised equipment and pastes, this is a process known as scaling and polishing. This will remove any plaque that has built up on your teeth and allows your teeth to look at their best and appear clean. Another important role of the hygienist is to offer you advice around the best practices and techniques for keeping your teeth clean, this will help to control plaque build-up.

The dental hygienist can also offer help and advice about your gums and breath, this can be a good way to nip any issues in the bud and avoid the need for a dentist when dealing with relatively simple issues.

Your next step

If you want to find out more about dental hygiene Edinburgh then feel free to contact our dental practice. Our reception staff are waiting for your call and will be happy to help with your questions. Whatever your dental needs may be, at Meadowbank you will be well looked after every step of the way.

The importance of dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is a vital aspect of everyone’s daily routine. Our aim at Meadowbank Dental Practice is to ensure that everyone has good dental hygiene Edinburgh. Maintaining good dental hygiene can prevent disease and other associated oral problems such as halitosis and loss of teeth. In order to prevent such diseases, it is vital that you have regular check-ups with our professionals who specialise in dental hygiene Edinburgh and can carry out thorough checks to ensure that your teeth are in a satisfactory and safe condition. Our dentists offer a wide variety of services to suit your personal needs and will guide you through your consultations so that you leave satisfied that your teeth have been tended to properly.


Benefits of good oral hygiene

There are endless benefits to having good oral hygiene; not only does it improve the overall appearance and protection of your teeth, but it also prevents any significant dental health issues from occurring. Most major dental problems can be avoided by carrying out simple daily routines such as flossing and brushing twice a day. Maintaining good oral hygiene at home also helps reduce dental bills, as procedures can often be quite expensive. We understand that poor dental hygiene can affect a person’s self-esteem, so here at Meadowbank Dental Practice we put emphasis on educating adults and children about how to manage dental hygiene at home efficiently, so that these issues can be prevented in the long term.

Preventive treatments

It is vital that you visit your dentist regularly even if you think your dental hygiene is adequate.

The maintenance of overall dental hygiene Edinburgh for patients is carried out by a team of our most experienced and professional hygienists, who work closely with our dentists to offer various preventive treatments. This is to avoid any possible future problems which may arise if you do not get the proper professional care that your teeth require. We at Meadowbank Dental Practice offer treatments ranging from plaque removal, to offering advice on how to maintain good oral hygiene. We also highly encourage parents to bring young children for regular dental hygiene check-ups. By doing this, our hygienists will be able to detect early signs of any under- or overbites and can develop an action plan to manage and prevent any underlying problems from worsening over time.

What to expect at a consultation

A consultation at our clinic usually involves one of our dental hygienists evaluating any previous or current issues you may be experiencing. They will then proceed to screen your teeth and check for any signs of tooth decay or other diseases that may be present. The hygienist will then decide what level of hygiene care you require; here at our practice we offer treatments ranging from regular hygiene check-ups for infants, to cancer screenings for patients with possible cases of mouth cancer. Our hygienists are fully trained to carry out a large number of procedures to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your experience and quality of care. Here at Meadowbank Dental Practice we aim to make your visit as comfortable and successful as possible. We take pride in our high quality of care and increasing success rate in preventing and solving dental problems for our patients in Edinburgh.

Staying on top of your dental hygiene in Edinburgh

At our dental clinic located within Edinburgh we take huge pride in the high standard of dentistry we provide to all of our new and pre-registered dental patients. Many of our patients may overlook their scheduled biannual appointment at our modern dental clinic, however we strive to ensure all of our patients are aware of the importance of oral health within the walls of our dental surgery.

Why is it so important to maintain a high standard of dental hygiene Edinburgh?


Dental hygiene Edinburgh may often be overlooked by many of our patients, this may be due to a hectic work or social life such as work commitments which make it difficult to pay a visit to our clinic or even due to the belief they follow an adequate dental hygiene routine within the comfort of their own home. Whatever the cause however, paying a regular visit to a patient’s local surgery can make a huge difference to their general oral health.

Expressing the importance of preventive dentistry

At our modern and friendly dental clinic situated within the heart of Edinburgh we offer our patients a wide variety of dental care such as general, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments. However we also choose to advocate the importance of general preventive dental treatments to maintain a high standard of oral health. Despite many of our patients looking to receive tooth whitening, discreet orthodontic appliances, and even dental implants (to name just a few popular examples), many individuals may forget about the priority they should be placing regarding their overall dental health. But why is preventive dental care so important?

Taking the time to take care of your smile

Within the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our specialist team understands how hard it can be to stay on top of your dental health, which is why we strive to make the entire process as simple as possible for our patients. Despite many modern dental clinics expressing the importance of staying up-to-date with oral hygiene, many individuals may be unsure of what to expect from an oral hygiene appointment within the walls of our clinic.

What to expect from a biannual check-up within the walls of or surgery

Biannual dental check-ups are often overlooked by many individuals, despite this however, the maintenance of a high standard of dental care could be argued as the basis for dental health. At our dental clinic within Edinburgh we choose to treat every dental patient as entirely unique, which essentially means they achieve the best possible results for their individual smile, however during a dental hygiene appointment there are several standardised procedures that our specialist team may choose to follow.

So what happens next?

Once you have booked your dental hygiene appointment with a member of our friendly team, then your dental hygiene journey can begin. During a standard dental hygiene  Edinburgh appointment patients can expect to receive a general assessment of their mouth, in addition to checking for any signs of general decay and cavities, as well as a thorough deep clean of teeth. This will be alongside advice on oral hygiene care going forward.

What is the role of a dental hygienist at our clinic?

The role of a specialist dental hygienist at our clinic is to ensure our patients’ smiles are free of plaque, therefore preventing the potential development of oral diseases and infections such as gum disease, to name just one common example, whilst reducing the symptoms of poor oral health care such as bad breath.

What is the importance of dental hygiene in Edinburgh?

Dental hygiene is a form of dentistry which aims to prevent the development of oral diseases and infections (such as gum disease) which can be caused by bacteria within the mouth. Many of our patients may believe that dental hygiene simply consists of partaking in a dental regime at home (such as brushing and flossing) however this is not necessarily the case.


A few examples

A few common examples of standard hygiene treatments at our clinic consist of a ‘scale and polish’, which is the removal of plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth, as well as tips on how to take care of your teeth at home.

What is a dental hygienist?

A dental hygienist is a dental healthcare professional who has had further academic and practical dental training within the specialist field of dental hygiene in Edinburgh. A dental hygienist may not be present at every dental practice in Edinburgh, however we are lucky enough to boast a hygienist as a part of our team. Despite standard dentists being able to deliver hygiene advice and treatments, our dental clinic believes that our hygienists can deliver a more superior level of care.

Why choose us?

Patients may find it difficult to find a dental clinic to fit around their busy work or social schedules, and their individual dental needs, however we believe we can accommodate most individuals. Our dental clinic has been delivering a high standard of dental hygiene in Edinburgh to our new and pre-registered patients for many years. Our clinic promotes diversity, which is why we welcome patients under the National Health Service, and private dental care.

Our approach

Our clinic not only offers a wide range of dental treatments from general to cosmetic, but we also strive to offer a friendly, calm, and professional dental approach. Many of our nervous patients may be triggered by their surroundings, which is why we aim to create a calm, modern, and clean dental environment, for all of our patients.

A unique dental experience

Our dental team understands that dental hygiene may not be at the top of our patients’ priority list, which is why we embrace a modern ‘hygienist suite’ at our practice in Edinburgh. We believe our comfortable hygienist room can make it easier for our anxious patients to receive treatment with us. Our new state-of-the-art room has pain-free warm water cleaning, as well as gold standard hygiene treatments, our hygienist team are even trained by the Swiss Dental Academy.

Get in touch

With modern dentistry, booking a dental appointment can feel like a minefield, which is why we aim to make the process as simple as possible. Our clinic embraces modern technology, which is why we offer our online appointment process, which can save a lot of time for our busier patients.

Located on our website, we not only offer our direct telephone number, we also display our contact email, and our exact geographical location. If you wish to book an appointment or simply have a question about our dental services, feel free to give us a call, or even come and pay us a visit!