Dental Implants

Don’t leave missing teeth unchecked: get dental implants in Edinburgh

Finding a solution to missing teeth is not just an aesthetic issue. The worst thing you can do when you have a missing tooth is to do nothing at all. You need your teeth and finding a suitable treatment is the first step in restoring full function, whether that be in aligning them with your other teeth or maintaining the overall shape of your face.


More than just a pretty set of pearly whites your teeth affect the position of surrounding teeth. They are placeholders if you like. If you fail to address a missing tooth the ones beside it may move and drift into the now vacant space where your tooth used to be. This will throw your remaining teeth out of line. But even more than this, the root of your tooth actually stimulates the development of your jaw and cheekbones, without it they can lack the necessary density you would naturally have in these areas.

With clear benefits seen for replacing missing teeth what are the options for you? Continue reading clear advice on your options with Meadowbank Dental, in particular the great option of dental implants in Edinburgh.

Dental Implants, what are they?

A solid favourite when replacing teeth is the dental implant. There are plenty of convincing reasons why this is of benefit so let’s take a look at some of these. These are actually full implants where essentially a new root is produced and a false tooth is then fixed to that.

What benefits come from dental implants?

Let’s see what benefits arise from making the excellent decision to go for dental implants in Edinburgh.

As mentioned before these do not just achieve aesthetic benefits but they do certainly have a great effect on the shape of your face and of course that lovely bright smile of yours. You can grin with confidence again following the treatment.

Eat and be merry! While sticking to a healthy and balanced diet, for your oral health especially, dental implants do away with the need to be overly fussy about what food you eat based on discomfort.

These are potentially permanent solutions to your missing teeth. With the right level of care and advice from dedicated dentists like our team at Meadowbank Dental, these could last a lifetime.

What should you know before getting implants?

It cannot be stressed enough that the first step to getting dental implants in Edinburgh really should be to discuss your options further with our team of dentists at Meadowbank Dental. They may be able to point out any potential set back on your path to a better smile.

Some areas of potential concern may be pre-existing conditions like uncontrolled type 2 diabetes. Are you a smoker or do you have gum disease currently? These again are aspects of your treatment we would want to discuss with you at length and potentially bring under control prior to the implants. This allows your treatment the very best opportunity to be long lasting and effective.

Still have some questions? Are you nervous about the idea of dental treatment like this? Hopefully this article is of use to you in getting some background on dental implants but if you want to find out more then talk to our team today who will give you a full picture of what to do next.

What are dental implants in Edinburgh?

Dental implants Edinburgh are certainly considered to be one of the best and most logical solutions to missing teeth within the field of restorative dentistry. The dental implant itself is a titanium screw which is placed into the jaw. Secondly, the abutment (which is also frequently defined as the connector) acts as a link between both the sturdy base, and the custom-made porcelain crown, which is matched perfectly to the surrounding teeth, in both shape, and shade.


Are dental implants Edinburgh right for your smile?

If you’re a patient who is experiencing the absence of a single, multiple, or possibly an entire set of teeth within your smile, then implant dentistry could be the ideal long-lasting solution for your particular problem! At our dental clinic we strive to offer our patients the highest standard of dental care within the walls of our accommodating, friendly, and modern dental practice. If your missing tooth is causing you discomfort then why not get in contact with a member of our team as soon as possible?

What are the benefits of receiving dental implants?

Dental implants are on the rise in regard to their popularity within the field of restorative dental care. They have an extremely high success rate and are therefore tried and tested when aiming to replace missing teeth within the mouth. In regards to their benefits, dental implants cause no damage to the surrounding teeth, whilst looking and functioning like a natural tooth. They also integrate with the jawbone, whilst ensuring easy maintenance and lower recurring costs in comparison to other treatments.

How long do your dental implants last?

Dental implants typically last a good amount of time, and can be seen as both a health benefit and an investment. With this type of investment in mind therefore, many individuals may wish to know how long their restorative dental care is going to last. It is always extremely important to remember that all patients’ dental cases differ greatly, despite these differences however when dental implants are well looked after they can last for an extremely long time, perhaps even a lifetime.

Feeling nervous regarding your dental implants Edinburgh?

Despite common misconception within the field of dentistry dental anxiety is experienced by patients of all ages, and not just children. If you are an individual who is feeling nervous regarding your dental implant procedure then why not speak to a member of our specialist and friendly dental team now? Our clinic team can attend to any of your queries or concerns, whilst running you through every stage of your treatment process.

What are our patients saying about our dental services?

Within the modern world of dentistry patient testimonials are becoming increasingly important for many of those who are deciding on a new clinic for any dental treatments. With this in mind therefore we choose to display a variety of positive reviews on our clinic website. And just one example of our many positive patient reviews states that our services are  professionally carried out, whilst our staff act in a skilled, considerate, and caring way throughout the entire procedure.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants in Edinburgh could be a good fit for you if you have missing teeth. Dental implants are an advancement in dental science that allows you to replace teeth in a more efficient manner. Many patients have been satisfied with the results of this treatment. A dental implant can be described as a small titanium screw that is fitted at the jaw bone to provide a stable structure in order to replace a missing tooth or as the case may be, teeth.


Depending on the individual case, a crown, a denture, or a bridge can then be securely fitted on the implant to complete your smile again. The end result makes your smile look and feel very much like a natural one. This article will discuss why it might be a good idea for you to be fitted with these implants as well as how the process is undertaken to have the best results. You should read on if you think that this treatment could be the solution to your tooth loss.

Do I need dental implants?

You could need dental implants in Edinburgh if you have missing teeth. Missing teeth could cause issues for the other teeth in the mouth if left untreated. If a patient decided to opt in for this treatment then they can be assured that there will be no damage to surrounding teeth, which can be the case with other treatments for tooth loss. Patients who opt in for this treatment can save the structure of their smile.

The end result can look, act and feel very much like a natural tooth so patients can become confident in their smiles again. The implant is stable and can be used to support a strong bite and chew. This treatment could be seen as an investment into your future dental health as these implants can last a lifetime if they are taken care of in the proper manner.

How are they fitted?

Should you decide that dental implants in Edinburgh could be right for you, it may be useful to understand how they are fitted. The implants themselves are a screw and this is fitted directly at the bone in your jaw. After enough time is taken to heal, the implant can then be used to provide a strong foundation for either a crown, bridge or denture. Your dentist will work with you to decide which of these would be the best fit for you.

The chosen structure will be tooth coloured and fit your mouth perfectly so you can have a strong smile again. Your dentist will always be on hand to support you throughout your treatment episode and will be there to answer any questions that you may have. Your dentist will show you how to care for your mouth both during and after the treatment so you can get the most out of your new smile. If you think that this treatment could be the one for you then you should consider getting in contact with us here at the practice so we can make movements to complete your smile again.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants Edinburgh are small titanium screws that are secured in the jawbone and used as a platform on which to build new, natural looking teeth. Crowns, bridges and dentures are available to create a healthy and natural looking smile. Nobody should be ashamed of their smile and we want to help you achieve a smile that you can be proud of. As previously mentioned an implant is a small titanium screw that is placed directly into the jawbone with a new crown placed on top, resulting in an effective and practical restoration. This treatment is common and effective and has been used by many patients so you can be assured that you are in good hands. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or a number of teeth. Dental implants can be used as a cost effective investment, as you will not have to continually make payments to replace less stable solutions. This article will run through how this treatment works, as well as why you should consider having it.


How are they fitted?

Dental implants Edinburgh are carried out by our oral surgery specialists ensuring that you will achieve brilliant results. The initial stage of this treatment involves placing the screw into the bone and then allowing time for this to be incorporated into the structure of your mouth. Once there has been sufficient time for the site of the implant to become healed further work can be completed. This allows you to then be fitted for your crown, bridge or denture that will fit directly over the implant. Any prosthesis will be specially designed so it fits in your mouth perfectly and will match your other teeth well. It allows you to create a smile that is both functional and natural looking. You can be assured that these implants will be fitted scrupulously and provide a long term solution to the issue of missing teeth. You will be able to have confidence in your new and improved smile.

Why should I consider this treatment?

Dental implants Edinburgh are a result of tried and tested methods of dental science and have proven to be a good alternative to other replacement treatments. As long as you look after your new smile the implants can last almost a lifetime. Benefits of this treatment include the fact that the application process will not damage the surrounding teeth. The implants are fitted at the bone which can help prevent the structural integrity of the face and jaw collapsing and patients can be assured that their teeth will look and feel like the teeth that they have lost. The new teeth will be functional and allow you to eat whatever you desire without worrying that you could damage them.

We accept referrals from various practices and will work with you to build up your smile again so it is strong and healthy. If you think that this treatment could be for you then you should take a look at our website, there you will be kept up to date with how our practice is currently being run. We cannot wait to help you make the move to a new, healthier and stronger smile.

What are dental implants in Edinburgh?

Dental implants in Edinburgh is a treatment that you could consider if you are missing teeth. This treatment is a common one and is an effective solution for those who have lost a tooth or are missing teeth. This treatment uses a small screw that is made out of titanium, which is placed directly into the jaw bone and forms the basis of replacing the missing teeth or tooth. A crown, denture, or bridge is then securely fitted on top of the screw.


Once the treatment is completed you will be left with a new tooth that looks and feels very much like the old one. The good news about this treatment is that the new tooth also acts like the tooth you lost. This article will take you through the details of how this treatment is administered and then list the benefits you could take advantage of if you decide that this treatment is the one for you.

How does this treatment work?

Dental implants in Edinburgh follow a strict treatment plan in order to give you the best and effective results. Your dentist will first assess your mouth to ensure that this treatment is a good fit for you. An individual treatment plan will then be devised to meet your individual needs. The first stage of this treatment involves placing a screw at the jaw. This can take some time to heal before the next stage.

The next step involves placing a crown, denture or bridge on top of the implant. This will be chosen for the best fit and allow your mouth to function at its best. Your dentist will be on hand to ensure that you understand all the processes you will go through and answer any questions that you may have. Your dentist will also make sure you know how best to care for your new implant as well as your overall dental hygiene to ensure that your mouth is at its most healthy.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

Dental implants in Edinburgh can give you numerous benefits should you choose to have this treatment. This treatment has been tried and tested and so can offer you an effective treatment for missing teeth. The success rate for this treatment is very high and has widely made our many patients very happy with their new smile. Providing that you look after your implants then they can last an extremely long time. This means that this could be a cost-effective treatment as you may only need the one implant to solve many different issues.

You can be assured that this treatment does not cause issues or damage to the surrounding teeth when inserted. This treatment can prevent collapse of the face as well as looking and functioning like the natural teeth that you lost. You do not lose function with this treatment and so you do not have to alter your diet. This treatment makes your teeth and overall mouth easier to look after, making them easy to maintain and create a healthy mouth. If you think that this treatment could be for you then why not have a look at the website? This will ensure that you are kept up to date with the running of the practice.

Are you considering dental implants in Edinburgh?

A few options may have been suggested to you as a way for you to replace your missing teeth. You may have discussed bridges, dentures or dental implants in Edinburgh with your local dentist.


But how are you to know which is the best option for you? This is something that you need to work out, with the advice and guidance of a caring and understanding oral healthcare professional and some research of your own.

By ensuring that you are fully aware of the advantages and any potential pitfalls that may be unique to your personal situation, you are more able to make an informed decision about what will be the short term and long term advantages of each treatment plan.

Talk about your options with your loved ones and agree upon a plan swiftly with your dentist. Time really is of the essence when it comes to replacing teeth, although we do understand that some people leave gaps in their smile for many years.

Unfortunately, this can have dire consequences, so it really is important to discuss methods in restoring your smile to full functionality as quickly as possible. We hope that whether you choose dental implants in Edinburgh or another treatment plan, that you feel confident in your decision and positive about your future with your new and improved smile.

Let’s discuss the differences

Dental implants in Edinburgh are now generally thought of as a preferred choice, mainly because of how long the treatment lasts and how impressive the success rate is. You can expect to enjoy your implant for several decades and with a success rate of upwards of 98%, if you are viable for the treatment, then you are nearly guaranteed that you will benefit from it.

Some people, however, find that this treatment option will not be suitable for them and therefore are motivated to look at alternative means. Dentures and bridges are still in common use today, not only because they are more affordable, but because they are less invasive and may be preferable for those people who are not well enough to undergo a minor surgical procedure.

For those people suffering from jawbone loss or degradation, you are able to have a bone graft to replace this missing bone before continuing on with implant surgery. Some individuals may have a bone disease however which makes this less likely.

Dentures and bridges, whether they are permanently attached or not, just sit on top of the gum line and therefore are unable to provide the correct amount of stimulation to the jawbone to enable regeneration. If the jawbone is already receding and it is not a desirable option for you to replace it, unfortunately your tooth replacement options will only exasperate this issue.

Your dentist will talk further with you about your unique situation and the ways in which you can combat some or all of the issues that have been raised. Every one of us are dealt a different hand and must simply work with the tools that are available in order to make ourselves as comfortable as we can be. Our aim is to allow you more functionality and comfort with your smile by replacing any missing teeth in the most convenient and lasting way possible.

Tired of having a smile with missing teeth? Key benefits of dental implants with Meadowbank Dental

Fed up with having gaps in your smile?

Regardless of your age, if you have gaps in your teeth, it can have a serious impact on your self-confidence. Many people who have lost teeth due to disease, decay or age often report feeling self-conscious about their smiles and avoid social interaction due to embarrassment and concern over how they will be perceived.


Luckily, as dentistry has advanced, there are more solutions available than simple dentures or bridges.

At Meadowbank Dental, our restorative dentists are able to offer suitable patients dental implants in Edinburgh, that restore the functionality of the mouth, while filling those pesky gaps with natural-looking prosthetic teeth. No more worrying about messy dental adhesive or moving dentures, oral implants are the modern solution to lost teeth!

But what are the other advantages of having dental implants in Edinburgh?

No sore gums

If you have ever worn dentures, chances are you are aware of how they can rub against the gum line and cause sore spots and ulcers.

While many dental adhesives aim to reduce this, many wearers find that it is very difficult to keep their dentures firmly in place and as a result, stop wearing them. When you have dental implants in Edinburgh with Meadowbank Dental, the implants are fitted securely to your gum line and when the prostheses are fitted, your new teeth are immovable.

No more sore spots caused by friction!

No dietary restrictions

When you have missing teeth or wear dentures, it can be hard to eat all the foods you would like to.

Traditionally foods like corn on the cob and apples are removed from the diet as they require a firm, precision bite to consume.

As oral implants improve both bite strength and precision, you will be able to consume any food you want to, without worrying about moving dentures or bite strength.

No speech issues

An often-overlooked side effect of wearing dentures are the problems they can cause with speech.

Having a loose-fitting set of dentures can cause wearers to hold their facial muscles at strange angles, causing them to talk in an unusual fashion. Similarly, if you have gaps in your teeth, your tongue is able to move in an unnatural fashion, impacting on your pronunciation and inflection.

As implants will fill any gaps in your teeth and are immovable, any speech issues you may have had should improve dramatically.


Another benefit of oral implants is lifespan.

While you will still need to visit our dental team for biannual check-ups, if you maintain a high level of oral health and refrain from lifestyle factors like smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol, then your implants could last up to 40 years!

Now that’s a good investment in your smile.

Better oral health

Due to the added confidence oral implants create, many wearers feel more inclined to take better care of their oral health.

With the added benefit of no rubbing against the gum line and no ulcers, your overall oral health is likely to improve dramatically post fitting.

Which way will you replace your lost teeth?

Now that you have lost some teeth, you will need to think about getting them replaced as soon as possible. These days, you have to choose between 3 different methods of tooth replacement. Dentures and fixed bridgework are the 2 older methods of tooth replacement; dental implants are the more modern way.

Dental Implants in EdinburghDental implants have been around for a few decades now, but it is only in recent years that they have become the go-to method for tooth replacement because they have so many great benefits.

Here at Meadowbank Dental Practice in Edinburgh, Dr Girish Bharadwaj is our dental implant surgeon. He has many years’ experience in placing dental implants, and is particularly interested in methods of bone regeneration.

Why bone regeneration?

Bone regeneration is an important aspect of placing dental implants. This is because dental implants need to be anchored into a strong, dense jawbone if they are to sustain the powerful forces created during chewing. Think of your jawbone as a wall. You wouldn’t try to hang a heavy mirror off a screw set into a plasterboard wall, would you? You’d look for the strong brick or stone wall. It’s the same with dental implants.

The trouble is that when people have been missing teeth for some time, their jawbones will have deteriorated. In a process called resorption, the bone dissolves itself when the body thinks it is no longer in use. This happens when teeth are missing.

The bone can, however, be regenerated by grafting in new bone tissue. This is a treatment that is done in advance of placing the dental implants, and it needs time for the new bone tissue to integrate, so patience is required.

Once the bone has regenerated, the dental implants can be installed. This procedure takes place under local anaesthetic. The bone then fuses with the titanium implant over a number of weeks. It is only when the 2 have fused together that you can get going with the chewing. But then, you will be able to eat whatever you like again.

To find out more about dental implants, why not come in for a consultation?

Stabilise your dentures with dental implants in Edinburgh

Removable dentures are convenient for many patients because they are cost-effective, yet they have the tendency to become loose and uncomfortable over time. Ideally, dental implants offer the best tooth replacement option since they are permanent. However, people who are missing several teeth may not be able to afford individual dental implants.

If you have lost several or all of your teeth in the upper or lower arch, you can now take advantage of implant-supported dentures at Meadowbank Dental in Edinburgh. These are just like regular dentures but they are supported on dental implants. This way you can restore your oral health and your ability to eat and speak properly.

Dental Implants in EdinburghHow does denture stabilisation work?

Implant-supported dentures, also known as overdentures, fit securely over dental implants. The latter help the dental implants stay in place without moving when you eat or speak, due to a series of snap-on mechanisms attached on their surfaces.

Essentially, dental implants are small titanium posts, which are surgically inserted into the jawbone. Titanium is a material compatible with human body tissue, and the dental implants gradually fuse with the jawbone and help prevent its deterioration. Implants used for denture stabilisation differ slightly in size from traditional implants. They are also positioned at a different angle in order to help keep the dentures in place. However, they offer the same advantages as regular dental implants and by the time the dentures are restored on top of them, your new teeth will look, feel and function exactly like your natural teeth.

Benefits of implant-supported dentures

Improved comfort and stability are only a few benefits of implant-supported dentures. Because they are so stable, you can enjoy your favourite foods without worrying about them becoming loose. Unlike traditional dentures that rest on the gums, implant-supported dentures are secured over dental implants, which help stimulate the jawbone through chewing and biting. This way you can use your dentures as you would use your normal teeth, preventing further bone or tooth loss. Last but not least, implant-supported dentures require little if any maintenance, if you opt to stabilise them permanently in your mouth.

If you would like to learn more about this innovative, restorative option, please contact our dental practice and schedule a consultation today.

Solving the root of your missing teeth problems

At Meadowbank Dental Practice in Edinburgh, we know that replacing missing teeth is not merely a case of crowns, bridges and full or partial dentures. Taking care of the tooth below the gumline is just as important for patients who have lost one or more teeth.

dental-implants-in-edinburghThe reason dental implants can have such a great and beneficial effect on patients’ lives is due to the fact that they replace the missing root as well as the tooth.

Implants replace the root with tiny screws made of titanium, a metal that has the ability to fuse with our bone tissue. At our practice, dental implants are fitted into the jawbone under local anaesthetic by Dr Girish Bharadwaj. Dr Bharadwaj will also administer sedation for patients who are especially anxious about oral surgery, so that they can fully relax during the treatment.

Once the implants have been inserted, the jawbone needs several weeks of healing time, during which new bone tissue and blood vessels grow around the implants and mesh with the metal. Once this is complete, the implants will be held securely in place, creating a stable base able to cope with the multi-directional forces producing by biting and chewing.

We fit dental implants to resolve the top six problem areas reported by patients. Implants can be used to: replace missing back teeth, when all the upper teeth are missing, to replace one missing lower tooth or side tooth and even to replace every single tooth at once.

That’s how implants solve the root of the problem. Let’s talk about the crowns now. Almost everyone wants their artificial teeth to blend in seamlessly with their remaining teeth, or, if you need a full set of new teeth, you really want them to resemble the ones you lost. No one really wants to look like their teeth are not their own. This is why the crown (white) part of the teeth is hand-made in a laboratory to match the size, shape and colour of your surrounding natural teeth. Or, if you are having all your teeth replaced and have a photograph of your smile, or impressions of your lost teeth, then they can be matched from these.

Dental implants, if you take good care of them, can last for the rest of your life, so they are well worth the investment.