Extractions and Oral Surgery

Rooting out dental extractions & oral surgery in Edinburgh

Keeping Edinburgh happy

edinburgh-oral-surgeryHere at Meadowbank Dental, we’re committed to providing residents of Edinburgh, and beyond, with an unparalleled dental service like no other. Whilst other practices may view patients as but one, in an endless chain of identical cases, here at Meadowbank, we take the time to connect with our patients on an individual level, and tailor each of our services to fit the specific needs and requirements presented to us. Anyone who is seeking dental extractions & oral surgery in Edinburgh, can rest assured that they will find their needs met, and surpassed, by our fully qualified, friendly and approachable team of experts here at Meadowbank Dental.

Specialist care

At Meadowbank Dental, we are one of the only practices across the city who offer a specialised division of dentistry, which is entirely devoted to providing dental extractions & oral surgery in Edinburgh. This service has been running since 2006, and is spearheaded by our chief dental surgeon Dr Girish Bharadwaj. The aim of this division is to treat all those seeking dental extractions & oral surgery in Edinburgh, within four-six weeks from their referral, and provide the highest standards of excellence and care available. One such method of treatment which is dealt with through this service is complex dental removals. Whilst typical dental removals can generally be carried out by a regular dentist, in some instances – such as when removing a top molar – a small amount of the tooth’s root can become lodged within a patient’s sinus cavity. This can result in the patient experiencing a great deal of discomfort and a constantly runny nose. However, our team of expert dental surgeons can address this issue and remove any dislodged bone through a specialist surgical procedure.

Tip-top shape

Another method of dental surgery which we provide, here at Meadowbank, is apicoectomy surgery, which is commonly referred to as root-end surgery. This is opted for in instances where the tip of the root within a patient’s tooth has become infected. This tip is where the tooth connects to the bone within the patient’s jaw, and as such, it is vital that treatment be sought, in order to ensure the tooth remains firmly fixed within the patient’s jaw. The process of undertaking apicoectomy treatment consists initially of retracting the gum tissue at the top of the patients tooth, before removing the infected area and the root tip with a specialist dental implement. Thereafter, the root end is filled with a dental filling material, and left to heal.

Putting a smile on your face

Treatment of this nature, and similar forms of dental surgery, can be of vital importance in restoring a patient’s teeth to full health, and ensuring that no further detrimental damage can come about through neglect. Whatever the reason or form of treatment required, patients can rest assured that they will receive the highest possible standards of care and consideration when seeking dental surgery through us, here at Meadowbank. We understand that a trip to the dentist can be the cause of a great deal of stress for some, and as such our dedicated and friendly staff will be on-hand every step of the way to comfortably guide each patient along their dental journey and to a healthier, happier smile.

Coming to Meadowbank for extractions and oral surgery

When your trusted dentist refers you onto someone else for treatment, you may find yourself feeling a bit daunted and outside of your comfort zone. That’s ok. Receiving dental treatment is often a bit unsettling for many people, and so going to see someone you are not used to for treatment is probably going to heighten your anxiety.

Extractions & Oral Surgery in EdinburghWill they be as kind and gentle as your own dentist? Will this new dentist listen to you and give you enough attention to make you feel at home and able to relax throughout your procedure? What if it hurts and no one takes any notice when you say so?

These are all valid questions and we hope to be able to put your mind at rest with this little article about extractions and oral surgery at Meadowbank Dental Practice in Edinburgh.

About the oral surgery clinic at Meadowbank Dental Practice

The oral surgery clinic was set up in 2006 by Dr Girish Bharadwaj, who qualified as a dentist in Bangalore in India in 1991. Dr Bharadwaj went onto get a Masters focusing on maxillofacial surgery before coming to the UK and adding to his qualifications with a lot more training in oral surgery. Of course, Dr Bharadwaj is a member of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow, and is also a fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. When he is not lecturing or at Meadowbank Dental Practice, Dr Bharadwaj is often performing oral surgery at Queen Margaret Hospital in Dumfermline. You’re in safe hands with this super experienced oral surgeon.

Complex extractions

If you get sent to us for an extraction, it’s because something complicated is going on. If it’s an upper molar that needs to come out, the problem could be that part of the root has moved into your sinus cavity. This can give you pain in your cheek and make your nose run.

Other kinds of oral surgery

We also perform other kinds of oral surgery, such as complex wisdom tooth extractions and root end surgery to clear infections from the tip of the tooth root. We also remove abnormal lumps and cysts that your dentist has come across during mouth cancer screening.