You can gain perfectly straight teeth with Invisalign Edinburgh

One of the most common dental issues that adults are living with in the UK is that of misaligned teeth, which can cause people to have to live with other complications within their oral health and hygiene. If you are someone who is living with the issues and discomfort that having crooked teeth can cause then we would like you to know that there is absolutely no need for you to carry on doing so, as there are tooth alignment treatments available for adults that are discreet and can help to bring about the results you want.

We understand that you may have chosen not to engage with tooth alignment treatment earlier in your life, normally in your early teenage years, for very personal reasons that would have made complete sense to you are that stage of your life but later you came to regret your decision. Maybe you also came to believe that the window of opportunity to receive treatment has passed you by, which is not the case.

At Meadowbank Dental we now offer our patients a tooth alignment treatment, that is suitable for treating adult teeth, in the form of Invisalign Edinburgh.

A revolution within tooth alignment treatment

In recent years there has been recognition of the need to provide an aligner that would be able to meet the demands of reluctant patients, as they had very specific reasons for walking away from the treatments of the past. What these patients are looking for is a treatment that can provide great results and that will not attract any attention from others when worn in place within the mouth.

Due to the design and materials of Invisalign Edinburgh, you can now receive the treatment you feel you need in a way that respects your privacy.

Made from two layers of strong, durable, and clear plastic this new breed of the aligner is designed to fit over your teeth and hide in the plain sight of those around, meaning you can now receive treatment while continuing your life as normal and without other being aware that you are receiving tooth alignment treatment.

Book a consultation

If you are considering undergoing tooth alignment treatment you will need to attend a consultation with your dentist to have your need fully assessed. At this appointment your dental professional will examine your teeth and gums, they may also take scans or x-rays, and they will be happy to take you through your treatment options.

Should you decide to go ahead, the scans or x-rays will be used to help create a series of aligners for you, each of which serves its own role within your treatment. Each aligner is worn for around two weeks and then is exchanged with the next in the series.

To achieve great results with tooth alignment treatment you may have to commit to a treatment period of twelve to eighteen months, but we are sure you will be happy with the results.

Invisalign Edinburgh really does represent aligners that are suitable for the twenty-first century and should be given some serious consideration. Whatever your dental needs are, at Meadowbank you will be well looked after every step of the way.

Continuing daily life whilst receiving treatment with Invisalign Edinburgh

Invisalign; what is it?

Comfy, tailor-made trays which realign the teeth, whilst allowing you to continue your daily life with little impact, may sound like a dream rather than reality, but rest assured, with Invisalign Edinburgh this dream can be your reality. These snug-fitting aligners are created from a series of digital scans which are taken during your initial consultation and to the outside world, are barely noticeable. This discreet, cosmetic appeal, combined with a practical and effective realignment treatment, ensures that patients work towards the smile they are after.

Understanding your side of the commitment

Many dental treatments and procedures are primarily carried out by the dental team, with the general aftercare being your responsibility. However, Invisalign Edinburgh is unlike other orthodontic treatments and focusses on putting the responsibility and commitment back into the patient’s hands. Whilst this may sound a little daunting, rest assured you are supported 100% of the way by your dental team, but the treatment fits easily into your daily routine without the need for continuous adjustments within the dental practice.

But what about your commitment?

The first thing to remember is that each set of aligners is removable and therefore it can be all too easy to forget to put the aligner back in after your daily oral clean. Or it may be that you are going out and do not want to be wearing the aligners. Each aligner is intended to be worn for approximately 22 hours a day with removal being intended only during meal times and for your oral hygiene regime. Continuously removing or forgetting to replace the aligner delays the end result and can gradually undo the positive steps towards a straighter smile. After all, aligners become ineffectual when continuously removed or left on the side. It is therefore important for you to find ways, should you need them, to remind yourself to replace the aligners each time they have been removed.

The next responsibility that falls into your hands is to follow the plan which has been created for you. As a patient with this treatment you receive a series of aligners which you gradually work through, changing them along the way as per your dental team instructions. Each aligner is used to push the teeth into a certain position and then, once advised by your dental team, you will move on to the next aligner. This may not be immediately after your appointment and may be a week down the line, it is therefore important for you to take note of the plan, work towards it and seek support from your dental team should you so need it. Realigning the teeth needs to be a gradual process and therefore requires a large commitment from you. At no point are you alone during this treatment, so although you are in charge of the daily care and change-overs, rest assured that the goal you have in mind is our goal. Treatment with Invisalign Edinburgh is still a team effort rather than a solo mission, it merely puts more control back into the patient’s hands.

Why the rise in popularity?

As society continues to focus on the cosmetic appearance of each individual, it is no wonder that older teens and adults want a discreet treatment available for straightening their smile. Whilst tackling a potential insecurity the last thing anyone wants is to replace it with an alternative embarrassment and therefore perfecting your smile with transparent aligners has become the perfect solution.

Invisalign Edinburgh, helping you perfect your smile

What is it?


When a crooked smile occurs, which is more common than you may think, the first thought of correction is chunky, metal braces that are not necessarily conspicuous and as an adult may fill you with dread. Therefore in some cases, people turn away from receiving treatment believing it is better to keep the crooked smile rather than face the public with a chunky brace. This is where Invisalign Edinburgh comes in.

These transparent retainers, which are removable at home, not only save time but also provide a treatment that you can feel comfortable in and embrace the outside world whilst undergoing this excellent treatment.

How does it work?

To begin your journey with Invisalign Edinburgh you can literally visualise the end result by taking a selfie or uploading a photo on our Smile experience page which will then show you what the result will be after this treatment is completed. Once this small but effective visualisation occurs it is then up to you and your dental team to get your consultation booked in. Whilst an app can show you the end result there are many aspects to consider when choosing an orthodontic treatment and whilst cosmetically retainers are often the personal preference, it is important to have a treatment that will be effective as well as cosmetically appealing. This is why the consultation is of high importance as a series of photographs, x-rays and physical examinations will occur along with a discussion about how misaligned the teeth may be and what the best way forward is.

The Invisalign process

If Invisalign Edinburgh is the best treatment for you a series of aligners will be created based on your photographic images and x-rays. This takes approximately 2 weeks and that is when another appointment will take place to instruct you on how to use the retainers so that they actually achieve the results wanted within the least amount of time.

Each retainer is to be worn for approximately 22 hours a day with removal only occurring during times of food consumption and when carrying out your daily oral hygiene process. This ensures that no food debris gets stuck within the retainers which is the last thing we want to happen when on a zoom call and not hiding behind our face masks!

Following on from the 22 hours a day, each set of retainers are to be worn for a period of time which generally spans over a couple of weeks per set. However, the length of time each set is to be worn will be discussed during your appointment as this can vary from patient to patient and it is important to have the progress monitored by your dental team to ensure the teeth are guided into position gently. It is therefore essential that you attend regular appointments every 6 weeks to monitor the progress.

Once the desired alignment has been reached, a new retainer will be provided which is to be worn ongoing to ensure that the new positioning of the teeth remains rather than reverting to their previous position.

Let Invisalign in Edinburgh get your smile back on track

Let your smile shine

At Meadowbank Dental, we recognise the strain that 2020 has placed on a lot of our patients. It has been a challenging year for us all, but we must remember to smile. Doing so has been clinically proven to have an uplifting effect on our mood and general wellbeing.


However, we also recognise that a portion of people out there often find smiling to be a struggle as they are embarrassed or unhappy with having visibly misaligned teeth.

Many people do not seek any orthodontic help, because they are unaware of what options are available. Many believe that they must wear fused metal braces to achieve a straighter smile – which often deters teenagers and young adults.

Seeking  Invisalign Edinburgh from us here at Meadowbank Dental provides those who have misaligned teeth with a solution that can comfortably and discreetly realign their smile.

Undergoing Invisalign Edinburgh is so discreet that it often goes completely unnoticed, making it a desirable treatment for teenagers or young professionals aiming to achieve a straight smile.

What is Invisalign?

The Invisalign method is a new cosmetic orthodontic treatment that has been designed to be as minimally invasive as possible. Unlike traditional orthodontics, the Invisalign system does not need to be attached to the patient’s teeth in any way.

Instead, the orthodontic alignment is achieved through pressure points, which are within a custom-made orthodontic retainer. Each retainer is made from a mould of the patient’s teeth and is constructed from thin transparent plastic.

Since its advent in 2001, the Invisalign system has become one of the most popular forms of cosmetic orthodontics globally. Below are some of the main appeals of the Invisalign retainer system.

  • Comfort – As nothing needs to be bonded to any part of the patient’s teeth, the Invisalign method is typically far more comfortable and less invasive than traditional orthodontic methods.
  • Convenience – Because the Invisalign system consists entirely of a removable plastic retainer, patients can choose to take out their retainer whenever they choose to periodically. This gives patients freedom that very few other orthodontic treatments offer.
  • Confidence – As each Invisalign retainer is custom-fitted to cover the patient’s teeth entirely, and as it is transparent, it practically slips out of sight completely. This gives the patients confidence to wear their retainer daily without attracting any unwanted scrutiny.

How do I get Invisalign?

If you feel that your smile could benefit from the discreet orthodontic help of  Invisalign in Edinburgh, then the first step would be to speak to one of our experts here at Meadowbank and arrange a consultation. 

Typically, following a consultation, the treatment process for getting Invisalign goes as laid out below.

  1. A practitioner will thoroughly examine your teeth for any potential risks – such as gum disease – which may prevent the Invisalign process from being effective.
  • An impression of your teeth will then be taken, along with photographs of your tooth structure and shape – from which an engineer will create your retainer.
  • Your custom made Invisalign retainer is then created around two weeks later. After crafting, patients can begin their Invisalign treatment by wearing their retainer for around 22-24 hours a day for the best results.

At Meadowbank Dental, we also allow our patients to see a digital rendering of how their smiles will look after they have completed their Invisalign treatment – which often gives them the confidence they need to commit to the treatment process.

Do you want straight teeth with Invisalign in Edinburgh?

This extremely popular treatment has allowed millions of people worldwide the opportunity to discreetly and conveniently straighten their teeth without frequent dental appointments. This is with an enormous support base online, as well as a consistent availability of an oral healthcare professional at their side.


Invisalign Edinburgh gives patients the best of both worlds and we are pleased to be able to offer you this solution to your misaligned bite or teeth. If you have a smile that isn’t quite up to scratch, then we invite you to come and talk to us about this option to see whether it is suitable for you.

Not everyone can use this treatment, although advances in the models means that more people can than not. Severe and complex misalignments do respond better to more traditional fixed devices, which give more control over the movement of your teeth, but if you have moderate to minor misalignments, then the initial iTero scan will be able to swiftly provide answers for you.

What is this iTero scan?

Lying at the heart of this treatment is an innovative scanning software that maps the precise movement of your teeth and jaw to realign your smile in the most effective and convenient way possible. We digitally model clear, plastic teeth aligners from these scan results and you wear these over the course of several months, wearing a new one every fortnight or so, to push your teeth into their correct position.

Another benefit of the scan is that we can digitally produce a visual representation of the movement and final result of your smile after completing Invisalign Edinburgh, which inspires and motivates you. A lot of people either have unrealistic expectations or cannot imagine themselves with straighter teeth, so this is a great way of clarifying any thoughts that our patient might have.

How does this treatment differ from others?

Because Invisalign Edinburgh is removable, you can enjoy a type of freedom that is not found with other teeth straightening devices. Although you must wear the device for a minimum of 22 hours each day, you do have more freedom to carry on life as normal, without needing frequent dental check-ups to tighten wires.

Fixed braces are designed to pull teeth into their right alignment, but this treatment pushes. Both are equally effective, it is just a different style of treatment that has been developed over the years where dentists attempt to provide suitable solutions for the vastly different patients that they see.

If you believe this treatment to be a good option for you, we would love to help you on your journey to straighter, more healthier teeth with these clear, plastic aligners. You can enjoy eating the foods you want, nobody needs to know that you’re wearing them and you are certainly in control of your teeth straightening experience. With a good measure of self-control and willpower to see the treatment through to a positive outcome, you too, like millions before you, can enjoy a straighter smile with this treatment.

Get clued up on how Invisalign in Edinburgh could improve your smile

At Meadowbank Dental, all that we really want is to see each of our patients happy. For a number of years now, we have been providing the residents of Edinburgh with a range of dentistry options, and during that time we have noticed many different trends and fads come and go. What we have noticed remains consistently, and continues to grow over the years, is the importance and value that is placed behind having a bright and healthy looking smile. Over recent years, interest in cosmetic procedures such as Invisalign in Edinburgh have become massively popular, and we could not be more happy to be improving the smile of so many patients of all ages.


What is Invisalign?

Although many new patients are seeking out Invisalign in Edinburgh from us here at Meadowbank Dental, many are still completely in the dark as to what Invisalign is, and how it could benefit them. Each year, countless adults across the country put off getting vitally needed orthodontic work because they are afraid of how the treatment may impact the way they look. Whilst having teeth which are crooked or misaligned can be the cause of some embarrassment or self-consciousness, most adults who have such teeth would prefer to keep them in favour of metallic braces. Thankfully however, here at Meadowbank we have an ideal solution. Through Invisalign in Edinburgh, patients of all ages can achieve a straighter looking smile with ease.

How does Inviaslign work

You may wonder how such a thing may be possible, but it is actually a method of orthodontic alignment which has been in development for quite some time. Conventional orthodontics – that is to say fused, traditional braces – work by using a connecting wire to apply tension to brackets which are fixed to the front of a patient’s teeth. Over time, the tension in the wire moves the patient’s teeth into their desired shaping. The Invisalign method however, offers a completely different approach. It does not involve any metal wires, or require anything to be fused to the front of a patient’s teeth, as it consists entirely of a plastic, removable, transparent retainer. This retainer is formed out of a specialised dental plastic called SmartTrack, and has built in pressure points within its structure. These pressure points shift the patient’s teeth by applying pressure to the specific teeth which need to be moved. Over the duration of treatment, the patient’s teeth will eventually all be shifted into their desired position and the patient can enjoy a straighter looking, healthier smile.

How can I get Invisalign?

If you feel that your smile could be enhanced through orthodontic work, but would rather not have treatment that impedes on the way you look, then just visit us here at Meadowbank Dental for a friendly discussion of your options. In doing so, it will allow for one of our Invisalign experts to fill you in on all you need to know, as well as make an initial assessment of your dental health.