Mouth Cancer Screening

Should you go for Mouth Cancer Screening in Edinburgh?

The answer to that is yes, you should consider getting a mouth cancer screening in Edinburgh. Why should you consider getting it? In fact, you should include a screening every year when you go for a dental checkup.

Mouth Cancer Screening in EdinburghMouth cancer, or also called oral cancer, is found inside your mouth on the tongue, cheeks, or lips. Research shows that mouth cancer can be found more often in people who smoke regularly. Our dentists at Meadowbank Dental often encourage patients that smoke to give up the habit as it leads to an overall healthier lifestyle.

In the article below, you’ll find out more information about what you can expect when you go for a mouth cancer screening in Edinburgh.

What you can expect during a screening?

The mouth cancer screening in Edinburgh is quite simple. You will make a consultation with us to come into our practice. When you arrive, we’ll chat with you about your worries or simply answer your questions. We encourage our patients to ask as many questions as possible! This gives us an opportunity to understand what’s the cause for concern.

Once comfortable, you’ll be assisted by one of our Meadowbank Dental team. They will make a point of checking your tongue for any odd bumps, lumps or lesions. The inside of your cheeks, lips, and your gums will also be examined.

This is an excellent time to tell our staff if you’ve had any problems like discolouration in or around the mouth, ulcers that are not healing, or teeth that have fallen out for no reason. We are happy to check every lump, bump and lesion for you during your screening.

What happens if my dentist finds something unusual in my mouth?

Firstly, try to remain calm and know that we will do everything we can to identify the abnormality and get results back to you as soon as possible. We are also always ready to chat with you about our findings and the way forward.

If surgery is needed, we will run you through the treatment plan and take action from there. We have assisted many patients and we’re highly trained in what we do. The first step to making sure that your mouth is healthy is by making regular appointments with us so that we can screen your mouth and detect any abnormalities early.

How can you get in touch with us at Meadowbank Dental?

We have several ways for you to get in touch with us. You can find us on places like Instagram, but we highly recommend that you pop into our dental practice for a chat and to make a booking for your mouth cancer screening. The sooner we can have a look in your mouth, the better.

Remember that the mouth is a wonderful part of the body and it’s in use constantly! When it comes to our speech and eating or drinking, our mouths work overtime. So it’s only fair that we keep the mouth healthy with regular check-ups.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about mouth cancer screening in Edinburgh. We look forward to hearing from you!

The increasing risk of mouth cancer

We may be winning the battle against some cancers, but one that is on the rise is mouth cancer. According to Cancer Research UK, mouth cancers have increased by 21% in the UK and that rise looks set to rise by 38% by 2035, when seven people in 100,000 will be dying of the disease.

And yet, mouth cancer is very easy to treat in its early stages. That’s why, here at Meadowbank Dental, we offer mouth cancer screening in Edinburgh. We recommend you come in for a screening at least once a year, or more if you are a smoker. Tobacco is strongly linked to mouth cancers.

Mouth Cancer Screening in EdinburghMouth cancer has also been linked to not eating enough fruit and vegetables, and also to alcohol. Men and women are more or less equally affected. Because this is a lifestyle related disease, it tends to show up in people aged 50-74.

What happens during a screening

When you come for a mouth cancer screening, we will check the inside of your mouth very thoroughly for any lumps or lesions. We will also check the back of your throat and the soft tissues in the neck, feeling for lumps.

You can help us by telling us about any:

  • mouth ulcers that hurt and won’t get better
  • any lumps and bumps in the mouth or neck that you have noticed
  • if any teeth are coming loose
  • if empty sockets refuse to heal after extractions
  • if you have numb or odd feeling lips or tongue
  • if you have noticed any white or red patches
  • if you have started speaking a bit oddly, perhaps with a lisp.

If we find something

Don’t panic. Mouth cancers are easily sorted out in their early stages with surgery to remove any strange lumps and bumps.

Book a screening now

Although mouths cancers can be easily treated in their early stages, they can start to spread very quickly once they have shown up. If you have never had a mouth cancer screening, it might be wise to book in for one, perhaps alongside your next bi-annual check-up and hygienist visit.

Screening for mouth cancer

It’s not only tooth decay and gum disease that can quietly take hold in your mouth without you knowing anything about it. Mouth cancer can also appear, which is why at Meadowbank Dental in Edinburgh, we recommend you book a short yearly check-up.

Mouth cancer is on the rise in the UK, without about 2,700 deaths a year, a rise of about 21% in the past decade. Many of these are as a result of late detection. UK death rates are expected to rise by 38% between 2014–2035, to seven deaths per 100,000 people by 2035. Mouth cancer is now the sixth most common cancer in the world.

Mouth Cancer Screening in EdinburghWho is at risk of mouth cancer?

You may imagine you are in the clear if you are a non-smoker, but it is not just smokers who get mouth cancer. This disease is also linked to not eating enough fruit and veg, and drinking alcohol, in that order. Along with bad diet, experts also predict that mouth cancer caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) transmitted through oral sex will become the main cause of mouth cancer.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that it is easy to detect early signs of mouth cancer. When this cancer is caught early, it can often be cured with relatively minor surgery.

Your screening

During a screening, your dentist at Meadowbank Dental will carefully check the linings of your cheeks, the roof of your mouth (palate), and your lips and gums. We will also check your saliva glands, tonsils, and pharynx (the part of the throat that connects your mouth to your windpipe), although cancer in these areas is rarer.

Signs of mouth cancer

Mouth cancers show up as:

  • strange and persistent lumps;
  • loose teeth, or sockets that won’t heal after extractions;
  • numb or odd-feeling lips or tongue;
  • strange lumps in the neck;
  • painful mouth ulcers that won’t heal;
  • white or red patches;
  • changes in speech, such as a lisp.

As mouth cancer is more likely to affect drinkers and smokers, this may explain why more men than women develop it, and why it is more prevalent in people over 50 and younger than 74.

Who needs mouth cancer screening?

If you are looking for mouth cancer screening in Edinburgh, then we can offer our services to you. We are Meadowbank Dental Practice, situated within a ten-minute bus ride from the heart of Edinburgh.

mouth-cancer-screening-EdinburghWe are a friendly and welcoming practice offering a range of treatments. Included in each regular check-up is a mouth cancer screening. Edinburgh, like the rest of the U.K, is seeing an unfortunate rise in cancer patients. Many cases of oral cancer could be reduced in severity by simply taking part in regular mouth cancer screening. At Meadowbank Dental Practice, we include a screening to ensure that all our patients can keep a track of their health. It is therefore important to keep up to date with regular check-ups. If you have fallen behind on your dentist visits or have recently moved and need to join a new dentist, then give us a call today to arrange your check-up and mouth cancer screening in Edinburgh.

What is involved in the procedure of mouth cancer screening?

We will be looking for any lesions or lumps inside your mouth, to test them to check they are not cancerous. The examination does not take long and we will use a scanning device to ensure efficiency of the check. It is recommended that this check is done annually, and if you find any lumps or abnormalities between screens, then book in for an appointment immediately. Catching any signs of cancer early is imperative in order to reduce the chances of it spreading and becoming more serious.

What else do you offer

At Meadowbank Dental Practice, we offer many treatments to help you improve the quality of your teeth. Edinburgh is a happening place, with many bars full of shiny smiles. If you are not so confident about your teeth, then why not have a look at our website to see what is on offer? Do you have a gap that stops you beaming? Or discoloured teeth that has you hiding in photos? Perhaps a noticeable over-bite stops you from biting fully into your life. Well, we offer a range of dental treatments from braces to implants, all with the intention of creating a better life for you.

Mouth Cancer Screening

Cases of mouth cancer are on the increase in the UK. As with any form of cancer, early detection vastly increases the chances of survival, which is why at Meadowbank Dental Practice we provide mouth cancer screening as standard for all patients during a dental check-up.

mouth cancer screeningCurrently, there are about 2,700 from oral cancers in the UK every year. That’s a higher proportion per number of cases than of breast, cervical or skin cancer, and the main reason for this is late detection.

As dentists, we are in a prime position to spot signs of mouth cancer at a very early stage. Often, this may be before you notice any symptoms yourself. Remember, early detection vastly improves your chances of making a full recovery, which is another good reason not to neglect your dental appointments. In most cases we recommend you visit us for a check-up every six months, although some patients may need to see us more frequently, so always follow the advice your dentist gives you. If you notice any potential symptoms of mouth cancer, please book in to see us immediately.

Mouth cancer symptoms include:

  • Red or white patches in your mouth or throat
  • A lump that may be painless
  • Persistent mouth ulcers
  • Persistent mouth pain
  • Changes in your voice or speech
  • Pain/difficulty when swallowing
  • Swollen lymph nodes in your neck
  • Bleeding in the mouth
  • Problems moving your jaw
  • Unexplained weight loss

Remember that many of these symptoms can have other causes, too, but it’s always best to get anything unusual checked out. If we do find anything suspicious, we will refer you to a hospital consultant straight away for further investigation and treatment as necessary.

Habits such as smoking and excess alcohol consumption can increase the risk of mouth cancer developing, so we always encourage our patients to give up smoking and to be aware of how too much alcohol can affect their health. We provide a smoking cessation service for those who wish to quit or cut down on tobacco, while our hygienist can provide dietary advice including how drinking too much alcohol can affect your oral health.