What are the benefits of periodontics?

Periodontics Edinburgh is a branch of dentistry that focuses solely on restoring gum health. Patients tend to concern themselves mainly with teeth but dental professionals know well the vital importance of gums remaining in a healthy condition too.


In a similar way that high blood pressure is considered a silent disease, so too, is periodontal or gum disease. Many of the red flags (bite changes, receding gums, and separating teeth) that point to gum disease aren’t easily noticeable by the patient until these get to advanced stages in the progression of the disease.

Identifying gum disease or potential gum disease is part of what our competent dentist at Meadowbank Dental does during a routine dental check. By ignoring scheduled dental health checks, a patient’s gum condition will go untreated sparking deteriorating gum and jawbone quality and severe tooth loss. Once our dental practitioner has confirmed the onset of periodontal disease, there is an array of periodontal therapies available. As patients’ conditions vary from individual to individual, a professional consultation is required to find the most suitable treatment plan involving periodontics Edinburgh.

Why patients should look to periodontics Edinburgh

In addition to providing an excellent treatment that protects gum and jawbone health, periodontal therapy provides a number of benefits, including the following:

Contributes to a pleasing smile. A great looking smile is not only concerned with the look of teeth (colour, alignment, etc.) but also includes healthy looking gums. Gums that are kept in good condition is an important factor when evaluating smiles.

Keeping your breath fresh. It is common for patients to look at causes for bad breath above the gum line. Gum problems are another source that leads to chronic halitosis. It should be remembered that bad bacteria and decaying food particles can collect below the gum line as well as above. Periodontal therapies can also target the removal of any unwanted particles impacting the invisible part of the gums.

Identify potential medical conditions. It is surprising how much a dental professional can tell about a patient’s medical condition just by examining the gums. Dental issues, gum disease in particular, can reveal illnesses that are found in other parts of the body. If gums are in poor health then it is very likely that a patient’s cardiovascular health is compromised.

Protect other mouth structures. Parts of the mouth do not work in isolation with many parts such as the gums and jawbone depending on the good health of teeth to remain strong and healthy. When gums are diseased (and if left untreated) this condition can put jawbone density and other structures such as periodontal ligaments at risk.

The onset of gum disease is a highly treatable condition when preventive measures are put in place like scaling and polishing. By seeking treatment for periodontal disease sooner, a patient avoids long-drawn out treatments that can come with a heavy price tag.

One sure-fire way to avoid both the cost and time of correcting complex gum problems is to have our friendly dental practitioner at Meadowbank Dental carry out regular screenings for gum disease, oral cancers while also ensuring teeth are clean, strong and healthy.

What are periodontics?

With periodontics in Edinburgh, you can achieve the smile you deserve. Here at Meadowbank Dental, we strive to provide a top-level of care and help you achieve great results. One way we do this is through the effective use of periodontics in Edinburgh. A bit different to some of the more well-known areas of dentistry this is a specialised area that focuses on the overall health and the well being of your mouth, specifically your gums. This is an effort to combat what is known as periodontal disease. Our team is equipped to help with oral inflammation or dental implants. This is an area of particular specialism in dentistry and if you are looking for an assured level of care and treatment for any gum related illness our team here at Meadowbank Dental are here to help.


What will treatment involve

Periodontal disease, most commonly known as gum disease, has become the most common cause of tooth loss in adults in the united kingdom that could otherwise have been prevented. So in order to act on this your first visit related to periodontics in Edinburgh will begin with getting to know you and your current state of oral health. A thorough examination as well as taking a thorough look at any pre-existing medical conditions will allow the team to fully understand how to proceed with your dental treatment. This examination will reveal any recession in your gums and help u to spot any welling around your gums, these are telltale signs of early periodontal disease or even gingivitis. Your periodontist will take a look to see how your teeth fit together. This will also help them see if any of your teeth are starting to come loose. a measuring tool may be used to gauge the spaces between your teeth. Further tests may also be required such as x-rays, but this will be depending on your existing conditions. All of this is in an effort to get a clear picture of your oral health condition and how we can improve it.

Gum contouring

Another aspect of treating periodontal disease is something called gum contouring, a service that could be offered by Meadowbank Dental. This is actually a type of cosmetic dentistry that can be used to mould a patient’s come and reshape it, this will help to combat issues related to an overly gapped smile, or one that appears to have too much gum. Such cosmetic dentistry will allow patients who otherwise would have been self-conscious or even embarrassed about their gum appearance, smile with confidence again.

Periodontics are an important part of dentistry for the obvious health benefit but also for the benefits to a patient self-esteem and the cosmetic improvements. Either way, if you are considering a treatment like these mentioned then please do get in contact with our friendly team at Meadowbank Dental who are well equipped to help you. We understand that undertaking any sort of dental treatment can be overwhelming or daunting but with reassurance from our qualified dentists, you can be reassured that you are in very capable hands. The very best thing that you can do is talk to us and start the journey to a healthier smile.

Seize control of your smile, though periodontics in Edinburgh

What is periodontics?


Here at Meadowbank Dental, we yearn to bring out the best in each of our patients and give them the smiles they deserve. One of the most efficient and effective methods of achieving this, is through seeking out our expert in periodontics in Edinburgh. This is a specialised discipline of dental medicine which focuses on the health and well-being of your gums and the identification and eradication of periodontal disease. Our periodontists are well versed in addressing oral inflammation of all descriptions, as well as the placement of dental implants. The field of periodontics is a particularly specialised one, as it requires that dentists attend an additional three years of study at university before they can practice in periodontics. Those who seek out periodontics in Edinburgh from us here at Meadowbank Dental can rest assured they will receive a comprehensive service which will address any gum-related issues they may have.

What to expect from our periodontist in Edinburgh

Periodontal disease, or ‘gum disease’ as it is more commonly referred to, is the number one preventable cause of tooth loss in adults across the UK. During your preliminary visit, when seeking out periodontics in Edinburgh, our trained and approachable periodontist will question patients on their overall dental health and any pre-existing medical conditions they may have – which is important to know, prior to beginning any course of treatment. Thereafter they will generally conduct a thorough examination of your gums. This is done to establish the level of recession of your gums and identify any swelling or redness which may be onset indicators of gingivitis or periodontal disease. The periodontist will also assess how your teeth fit together, and establish if any of your teeth are loose. Also, during your first time seeking out periodontics in Edinburgh through us here at Meadowbank Dental, our expert periodontist will use a specialist tool known as a ‘probe’ which is a small measuring tool gauging the spaces between teeth – commonly referred to as ‘periodontal pockets’. X-rays and other tests may also be carried out to give our periodontist a better, more accurate view of your gums and how best they can help restore or maintain your oral health.

Gum contouring

In addition to identifying and eradicating periodontal disease, another vital service which is carried out by our periodontists here at Meadowbank, is gum contouring. This is a form of cosmetic dentistry which is used to reshape and mould a patient’s gum and address the issues of those who possess a ‘gummy smile’. Often, patients who have gums which are misshapen or rest too high or unevenly on a patient’s teeth can find it negatively impacts their self-esteem and their ability to smile freely without embarrassment. Because of this many patients turn to the aid of our periodontist here at Meadowbank to reshape their gums and restore their ability to smile without care. The process of undertaking gum reshaping surgery is one which is carried out within our practice here at Meadowbank, and involves the use of specialised dental equipment and methodologies such as radiosurgery, scalpels and lasers to get rid of any excess gum tissue which may be covering up portions of the teeth and to provide patients with a more together and even looking smile.

Blood on your toothbrush?

So, you found blood on your toothbrush this morning. What does that mean?

It means that you probably have the early stages of gum disease, and if that’s the case, you need to get yourself down to us at Meadowbank Dental Practice in Edinburgh so that we can take a look at your gums.

Periodontics in EdinburghYou may think a bit of blood is no big deal and you’ll just brush your teeth for longer and it will go away. And this could well be the case, but gum disease is not something you want to muck about with. In its final stages, your teeth fall out. Yes, they really do.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease is caused by the acids given off by plaque. Plaque is that layer of sticky film that builds up on the teeth during the day. It is bacteria that are feeding on the sugar in your saliva and it clings onto the surfaces of your teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue so that it doesn’t get swallowed with your saliva.

As it clings, it gives off acids. As you know, acid is corrosive and it attacks your tooth enamel, creating holes for decay to get in through, and your gums. It irritates and inflames them, making them all red. When you brush them, they bleed. They also pull away from your teeth, creating little pockets for plaque to hide away in, and that’s when the trouble really starts.

Once plaque is under your gums, and they start to recede, the acids given off by the plaque can get to work on corroding your tooth roots and even the jawbone holding your teeth in place.

This is when things start to get painful, as infection can get in. Your teeth can become loose in their sockets and eventually fall out.

While gum disease in its early stages is relatively easy to treat, leave it to its later stages, and it becomes much harder.

Fortunately, periodontics is a branch of dentistry dedicated to gum disease and we use this knowledge to treat you and save your teeth. So, if you suspect there’s something going on with your gums, come in and see us as soon as you can.