Continuing daily life whilst receiving treatment with Invisalign Edinburgh

Invisalign; what is it?

Comfy, tailor-made trays which realign the teeth, whilst allowing you to continue your daily life with little impact, may sound like a dream rather than reality, but rest assured, with Invisalign Edinburgh this dream can be your reality. These snug-fitting aligners are created from a series of digital scans which are taken during your initial consultation and to the outside world, are barely noticeable. This discreet, cosmetic appeal, combined with a practical and effective realignment treatment, ensures that patients work towards the smile they are after.

Understanding your side of the commitment

Many dental treatments and procedures are primarily carried out by the dental team, with the general aftercare being your responsibility. However, Invisalign Edinburgh is unlike other orthodontic treatments and focusses on putting the responsibility and commitment back into the patient’s hands. Whilst this may sound a little daunting, rest assured you are supported 100% of the way by your dental team, but the treatment fits easily into your daily routine without the need for continuous adjustments within the dental practice.

But what about your commitment?

The first thing to remember is that each set of aligners is removable and therefore it can be all too easy to forget to put the aligner back in after your daily oral clean. Or it may be that you are going out and do not want to be wearing the aligners. Each aligner is intended to be worn for approximately 22 hours a day with removal being intended only during meal times and for your oral hygiene regime. Continuously removing or forgetting to replace the aligner delays the end result and can gradually undo the positive steps towards a straighter smile. After all, aligners become ineffectual when continuously removed or left on the side. It is therefore important for you to find ways, should you need them, to remind yourself to replace the aligners each time they have been removed.

The next responsibility that falls into your hands is to follow the plan which has been created for you. As a patient with this treatment you receive a series of aligners which you gradually work through, changing them along the way as per your dental team instructions. Each aligner is used to push the teeth into a certain position and then, once advised by your dental team, you will move on to the next aligner. This may not be immediately after your appointment and may be a week down the line, it is therefore important for you to take note of the plan, work towards it and seek support from your dental team should you so need it. Realigning the teeth needs to be a gradual process and therefore requires a large commitment from you. At no point are you alone during this treatment, so although you are in charge of the daily care and change-overs, rest assured that the goal you have in mind is our goal. Treatment with Invisalign Edinburgh is still a team effort rather than a solo mission, it merely puts more control back into the patient’s hands.

Why the rise in popularity?

As society continues to focus on the cosmetic appearance of each individual, it is no wonder that older teens and adults want a discreet treatment available for straightening their smile. Whilst tackling a potential insecurity the last thing anyone wants is to replace it with an alternative embarrassment and therefore perfecting your smile with transparent aligners has become the perfect solution.