Enhance your smile with teeth whitening

Many people wish that they had whiter teeth when they look in the mirror. Whether you have stained teeth due to poor brushing routines or simply because you drink a lot of tea, at Meadowbank Dental we want to make your smile shine again.  We provide teeth whitening in Edinburgh that can be done at our practice or at home, and will leave you with teeth that are several shades whiter. Having a whiter smile and getting stains removed can make you appear more youthful again, not to mention leave you feeling much more confident when it comes to smiling and speaking in public.


Results from whitening treatments will always vary from patient to patient as everybody’s teeth are their own individual shade. However, you will be able to express to your dental practitioner how many shades brighter you would like your teeth to be and they will be able to plan your treatment according to this. 

Our treatments let you whiten your smile at our practice or at home

When you decide to find out more about teeth whitening in Edinburgh you will discover that we have more than one treatment option available at Meadowbank Dental, so you can opt for the one that suits you and your teeth the most. Regardless of whether you have your teeth whitened in our practice or at home you will need to make a consultation appointment with one of our professionals to ensure your teeth are suitable for treatment.

If you choose to whiten your teeth more gradually at home in your own time then you will still need to visit your dental practitioner to have impressions taken of your teeth. Once you have had these taken your dentist will have custom-made trays available for you. These will fit comfortably over your own teeth, and you will need to wear them for around forty-five minutes for two weeks to ensure the treatment works properly. Your dental professional will demonstrate how to put whitening gel into the trays too, as this is what is needed to actually whiten your teeth.

If you would rather not trust yourself with a home-kit, then our fully qualified professionals are more than happy to whiten your teeth for you. We also offer combinations of in-practice whitening and home-kits, as this is said to achieve the most desirable results.

Can everybody have their teeth whitened?

Unfortunately having teeth whitening in Edinburgh is not a suitable option for everybody. If you have artificial teeth in the form of either dental implants or removable dentures then they are unable to be whitened, which is the same when it comes to dental appliances such as crowns, veneers and bridges. If you wish to brighten up your smile and you have these appliances then it may be a case of speaking to your practitioner about renewing them so they appear fresher.

Suffering from gum disease or tooth decay will also lessen your chances of being able to have whitening treatment, as your practitioner will only allow you to undergo this treatment if your teeth are strong and healthy. You may also not be able to have this treatment if you suffer with sensitive teeth.