Finding the missing piece

In all of life’s shortcomings, it could be said that a chipped tooth is one of the less significant problems to be had. But when it actually happens to you and it holds you back from the usual things like smiling and eating without pain, it can do some damage to your confidence. It might be that you have chipped one of you front teeth and it makes you want to cover your mouth when someone makes you laugh. Having to hide your smile shouldn’t be an option, especially when your happiness could be visible to others.

Dental Crown in EdinburghIf you were to ask how a chipped tooth could be repaired, the simple answer to the question would be dental crowns. At Meadowbank Dental, this is an effective treatment which requires a little time for a lot of smiling to come. Smiles are our own personal works of art that deserve to be exhibited, and the happiness they exude is truly contagious.

A crown fit for a tooth

If you are seeking dental crowns in Edinburgh, you might want to know a little more about how they work during treatment. Whether your tooth is weakened by decay, broken or has very large filling, a dental crown is the right treatment for you. After an impression of the broken tooth is taken, dental technicians can craft a crown to match the colour and shape of the remaining teeth. Once the crown is prepared, it is fitted snugly on top of the remaining tooth. It appears natural, meaning you will be showing off your smile in no time.

Dental crowns are also useful for teeth that have undergone fillings in the past and become discoloured. They can replace the old fillings, restoring some newfound confidence into your grin. When it comes to function, dental crowns are also just as strong as natural teeth. It means you can bite and chew on foods they way you always have and without the worry of another broken tooth!

So if you’re considering dental crowns, bear in mind that it will do wonders for both your smile and your lifestyle.