Has your dentist in Edinburgh spoken to you about dental implants?

If you have lost one or several of your teeth, or in fact have been wearing dentures for some length of time, then you may be interested to hear about dental implants as a course of treatment that can radically improve your quality of life.


We know that it can be devastating to lose a tooth and if you have lost several of your teeth and require dentures, these can be a real problem if they don’t fit correctly.

By speaking with your dentist in Edinburgh about dental implants, you may be able to discover a way to improve your speech, allow you the ability to eat with ease again and improve your confidence in your fully restored smile.

This treatment has an extremely high success rate of around 98%, so if you are viable for this treatment, you are near guaranteed a chance at having a permanent tooth back in your mouth. Dental implants will last for several decades as well, so you can effectively treat them as  replacement teeth that you no longer have to concern yourself about.

How do I know if I am viable for the treatment?

A dentist in Edinburgh will have a look at the condition of your mouth and teeth to determine whether you are healthy enough to carry on with treatment. There is no upper age limit to getting dental implants, it is just whether you have any underlying health conditions that need to be considered or whether you have enough bone mass in your jaw to support the titanium rod that is placed there.

You will know quickly after a scan whether you are suitable to continue on and if not, your dentist in Edinburgh will offer other treatments that will be more comfortable, convenient and suitable for your situation in life.

How do they work?

We first need to perform a minor surgical procedure that involves the placement of a titanium rod directly into your jawbone. We use titanium as it fuses with the jaw over time making it a long lasting and durable procedure that you can confidently and comfortably use.

A natural and realistic crown or bridge is then attached to this rod, either immediately or after the site has healed for a few weeks. You can begin using it as soon as you are told and it will look and feel just like your original tooth once did.

We are pleased to be able to offer our patients this form of treatment, as it encompasses so many different situations. People who have lost a tooth because of an injury are able to replace their tooth without worry. Those who have lost several teeth because of decay or disease are able to enjoy a new lease of life.

And those people who have had dentures for some time and find them to be slipping and uncomfortable, as well as embarrassing in social settings should they fall out, can secure their dentures permanently, allowing them to be taken out only when needful. This can be a real boost to patients, as they can be confident knowing their dentures won’t come out at inopportune moments.