Let’s consider dental hygiene in Edinburgh

When we think about things that we need to dedicate time to daily one of the first things we think of is cleaning our teeth, through brushing and flossing. Attaching importance to having a good oral hygiene routine is something that is taught to us as children, we then pass this on and teach the same level of importance to our own children.


When we practise a good oral hygiene routine, it helps us to avoid serious dental issues and the need to undergo invasive dental procedures that most of us would rather avoid. The benefits of having a high standard of oral hygiene are many, from having nice breath to feeling more confident about ourselves, the positive impacts on our lives are clear to understand.

As a leading dental practice in the area, Meadowbank Dental, we see our role as one of being on the front line in the fight for a good standard of dental hygiene Edinburgh.  We have a strong desire to help all our patients to achieve the best oral health and hygiene standards possible, we aim to achieve this in a way that has a positive impact on our patients’ lives that is long lasting.

Brushing, flossing, and check-ups

At home, we can brush and floss our teeth to maintain cleanliness, but it is also very important to seek professional advice and assistance, as this will help to clean the areas of the teeth and gums that can not be reached with a toothbrush. Having a regular dental check-up helps our patients to have a good standard of dental hygiene Edinburgh.

At your dental check-ups our dentist can carry out assessments of your oral health and hygiene needs regularly, this will help to track any issues and allow them to make recommendations about any treatments they may feel will benefit you. They can also assess the level of plaque build-up; this will allow them to refer you to our dental hygienist if they feel there is a need and that it would be of benefit to you.

The role of the dental hygienist

A dental hygienist can play a major role in anyone’s oral health and hygiene practices, as they can bring their specialised knowledge and skills into play, applying their expertise to allow you to gain the benefit of their advice as well as their scrupulous dental cleaning.

The dental hygienist can clean your teeth professionally using specialised equipment and pastes, this is a process known as scaling and polishing. This will remove any plaque that has built up on your teeth and allows your teeth to look at their best and appear clean. Another important role of the hygienist is to offer you advice around the best practices and techniques for keeping your teeth clean, this will help to control plaque build-up.

The dental hygienist can also offer help and advice about your gums and breath, this can be a good way to nip any issues in the bud and avoid the need for a dentist when dealing with relatively simple issues.

Your next step

If you want to find out more about dental hygiene Edinburgh then feel free to contact our dental practice. Our reception staff are waiting for your call and will be happy to help with your questions. Whatever your dental needs may be, at Meadowbank you will be well looked after every step of the way.