Now what?

It can be pretty distressing when you start to lose your teeth and get to the point that you need artificial teeth to replace them. One tried and tested way to replace teeth that has been around, and constantly evolving, for centuries is dentures. In Edinburgh, you can get really well-fitting dentures from us at Meadowbank Dental.

Dentures in EdinburghDentures can replace either some or all of your teeth, and they work by adhering to your gums by suction. This means that they need to fit very snugly, so the secret to really good dentures is the measuring and fitting process. If you have had to have teeth removed as part of the denture process, your gums will be sore and swollen for a while, and we need to take this into account when we fit your dentures. What we like to do is fit them and then get you back in a while so that we can refit them to fit your healed gums.

Getting used to dentures

There’s a skill to wearing dentures, and it can take a wee while to get it down pat. First of all, you’ve got something foreign in your mouth and it can feel like it’s taking up an awful lot of space, to start with. You will soon adjust to this though and your denture plate will become part of the furniture, so to speak.

Eating with dentures in is a bit of an art. You may find that you need to cut your food into smaller pieces than before, and you may also find that you need to cut up fruit rather than simply biting into it. Other foods may get under your plate and it’s a good idea to experiment with different foods at home before trying them out in restaurants and cafés.

Your new dentures should not move around in your mouth, but some people find that at first, they shift a bit when they yawn and sneezing can dislodge them too.

Denture stabilisation

If you find that your dentures continue to move around, you can get them stabilised by having special dental implants fitted into your jawbone and attaching the dentures to them.