Quality care from your dentist in Edinburgh

Needless to say, by choosing a dentist in Edinburgh who has the knowledge and access to the latest technological innovations, you are ensuring that you are provided with the greatest quality of care that is available.


This is because only with such advances in technology can your dentist in Edinburgh identify very early signs of disease or decay. By spotting these signs before they become problematic, preventive measures can be taken to strengthen your teeth and gums and steer your oral health in the right direction to keep your mouth healthy.

This means that a dentist in Edinburgh is able to focus a lot of their attention on preventive dentistry rather than restorative for your oral health care, allowing you to enjoy your natural teeth for longer. Restorative dental care, although extremely beneficial will never compare to avoiding the need to repair teeth in the first place. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

What do we do to ensure your mouth remains healthy?

There is a lot that we can do together to educate and enable you to keep your natural teeth strong and healthy. It begins with establishing a positive relationship with one another, where you feel comfortable with coming in to see us generally twice a year.

By frequently visiting one of our team members, we are able to identify subtle changes in the structure and stability of your teeth. By using high magnification, strong lighting and high resolution digital scans, we can check your teeth and gums for the slightest hint of decay or disease. These things can creep up on you without any signs or symptoms until it is too late, so we can continually monitor the health of your mouth biannually to catch anything early.

What preventive treatments can we offer?

Like we said before, prevention is better than any cure that is available, so by taking the first step and speaking to one of our professionals about what we can do to help will give you not only peace of mind, but your mouth a strong fighting chance.

Preventive treatments are available to both adults and children and include sealants, fluoride applications and dental hygiene to name but a few. We can also improve and freshen your breath, educate on smoking cessation, screen your mouth for cancer and educate you on the signs, as well as advise you on how to keep teeth healthy during pregnancy.

Centring around education and cleanliness, preventive dentistry relies on your willingness and ability to commit yourself to a good oral health routine. For people such as children who may find it difficult to reach hard to brush places, a sealant can be a useful means of avoiding devastating cavities on young teeth.

By applying a fissure sealant on top of the deep grooves that appear in the back molars, food can no longer be trapped, avoiding the scenario which can set off a chain of events leading to decay and disease. The sealant can last for several years and once it begins to chip away, can easily be replaced.

We urge you to seek out solutions that enable us to help you maintain strong and healthy teeth for life. By speaking with us about your options, we can assist and educate you in keeping your smile bright.