The advantages of having dentures; a guide by Meadowbank Dental Practice

There are many reasons why an individual may lose their teeth.

In a world full of high contact sports and other rough and tumble activities, losing a tooth or teeth is common and for many sports fanatics, may be unavoidable.

Dentures in EdinburghHowever, when a person loses several teeth through illness or decay, it can have much more damaging implications. Being able to chew hard food can become a very real challenge so nutrition suffers. Couple that with the unavoidable knock to confidence suffered by those with several missing teeth and it has a very detrimental impact on well-being.

Luckily, modern dentistry has the solution to either partial loss or loss of all natural teeth; dentures in Edinburgh.

Pros of having dentures

Once associated only with the elderly, dentures in Edinburgh offer a practical solution to tooth loss for individuals who may not be able to afford implants and cannot maintain their natural teeth.

Dentures are made from a hard-wearing material, so they are very hardy and durable.  Your dentist will take an impression of your gum line and sculpt your dentures to fit it perfectly, allowing for maximum comfort and security.

However, there are many other practical solutions for choosing dentures too.

Easy to use

When you have dentures fitted, your dentist will advise you on the best way to maintain them to keep them looking brand new.

Luckily, maintenance of dentures is fairly straightforward and requires minimal commitment. Perfect for those who may struggle with mobility or memory loss.

Temporomandibular joint disorder

When you chew your food, you are using both your upper and lower jaws to grind it up and if there is an issue affecting the movement of your jaws, this can create problems with chewing and swallowing food.

Temporomandibular joint disorder (or TMJ) occurs when there is an issue with moving both of your jaws in unison. This is commonly the result of an injury or problem with the joint connecting the bottom jaw to the skull. This disorder not only causes pain, but can create a choking hazard too.

When a person is fitted with dentures, there is no strain on their jaws; they fit together as they did when the person had natural teeth. Now the person can also chew properly, keeping their jaws active, thus reducing the risk of TMJ.


An individual who has multiple gaps in their teeth or has no teeth is not able to chew food correctly. This can lead to issues with chewing, issues with confidence when eating and even TMJ (see above).

Dentures will allow you to, not only bite into whatever food you desire, but correct and strengthen your bite too, making eating easier and more enjoyable.

Dentures in Edinburgh have been hailed as the gold standard for reversing the effects of tooth loss for centuries and at Meadowbank Dental, we help patients every day to maintain their dentures and are happy to offer practical advice.

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