The dentist in Edinburgh: give the gift of dental self-care this Christmas

Finding the right Christmas gift for a loved one can be difficult! Finding a gift that is functional and serves a purpose is even harder to find. How about giving the gift of self-care? Send your friend, wife, husband, or parent to our dental practice in Edinburgh, and encourage good dental habits. Of course, you should not assume that someone needs a certain dental treatment, without running the idea past them first. However if you’ve heard that person talking about it, then your gift will be perfect!

dentist-edinburghHere you’ll find out about three dental treatments and procedures that we think would serve well as a Christmas gift.

Christmas gift 1: A general check-up

Often, people forget or choose to put off a dentist visit until it’s too late and then a deep cavity has formed. Or worse, a tooth falls out. If your partner, parent or close friend has been talking non-stop about how they’ve been neglecting their teeth, or how they’ve been too busy to see the dentist in Edinburgh, you can organise a general check-up at our practice for them.

We can screen for irregular lumps, bumps and lesions in the mouth and also advise on better dental practices like flossing or avoiding excessive consumption of foods or beverages that stain the teeth. In general, a dental check-up at least once a year is important. Maybe you can make it into a family or friend event? Join your friends or family on their appointment and use it as a time to bond!

Christmas gift 2: Teeth whitening at our Meadowbank Dental Practice

Give the gift of teeth whitening this year! Again, you’ll need to gauge if your friend or family member wants this as a gift, but overall, it’s a gift that keeps on giving! You will help boost your friend’s confidence.

We have two kinds of tooth-whitening procedures on offer; an at-home kit or our dentist in Edinburgh will do the procedure. Both options use a peroxide-based whitening gel.

Christmas gift 3: Aligners

A bigger and more long term gift option would be to pay for Invisalign. These are thin, plastic and removable aligners that would be created to fit your friend or family member’s dental structure. Aligners work like traditional braces; to bring teeth gradually into their correct position. But unlike braces, aligners can be removed when needed, when eating or brushing teeth for example. The aligners are also discreet which means that to the untrained eye, no person would ever know about their dental work.

If you gift your friend aligners, it’s worthwhile explaining to them that this form of treatment can take a few months, but takes less time than braces.

Contact us to book a consultation for you or your loved one

Once your loved one accepts the unusual dental gift, make sure to get in touch with us so we can make a booking as soon as possible. If your friend or loved one would prefer to have his or her procedure done at a later date that can also be arranged. We look forward to working with those closest to you!