The increasing risk of mouth cancer

We may be winning the battle against some cancers, but one that is on the rise is mouth cancer. According to Cancer Research UK, mouth cancers have increased by 21% in the UK and that rise looks set to rise by 38% by 2035, when seven people in 100,000 will be dying of the disease.

And yet, mouth cancer is very easy to treat in its early stages. That’s why, here at Meadowbank Dental, we offer mouth cancer screening in Edinburgh. We recommend you come in for a screening at least once a year, or more if you are a smoker. Tobacco is strongly linked to mouth cancers.

Mouth Cancer Screening in EdinburghMouth cancer has also been linked to not eating enough fruit and vegetables, and also to alcohol. Men and women are more or less equally affected. Because this is a lifestyle related disease, it tends to show up in people aged 50-74.

What happens during a screening

When you come for a mouth cancer screening, we will check the inside of your mouth very thoroughly for any lumps or lesions. We will also check the back of your throat and the soft tissues in the neck, feeling for lumps.

You can help us by telling us about any:

  • mouth ulcers that hurt and won’t get better
  • any lumps and bumps in the mouth or neck that you have noticed
  • if any teeth are coming loose
  • if empty sockets refuse to heal after extractions
  • if you have numb or odd feeling lips or tongue
  • if you have noticed any white or red patches
  • if you have started speaking a bit oddly, perhaps with a lisp.

If we find something

Don’t panic. Mouth cancers are easily sorted out in their early stages with surgery to remove any strange lumps and bumps.

Book a screening now

Although mouths cancers can be easily treated in their early stages, they can start to spread very quickly once they have shown up. If you have never had a mouth cancer screening, it might be wise to book in for one, perhaps alongside your next bi-annual check-up and hygienist visit.