The moment I saw your face

When we imagine the first time we look at the face we want to spend a lifetime with, it’s full of romance, connection and warm eye contact. You move together and just as you’re about to speak, you realise you’re about to greet you beloved with a mouth full of discoloured, crooked and chipped or misaligned teeth. It doesn’t quite fit with our happy ever after ideals does it? You’ll be relieved to hear that if you’re in Edinburgh, cosmetic dentistry by us at Meadowbank Dental may be able to put the bling back into your first meeting.

Cosmetic Dentistry in EdinburghThere are a range of options, to address your cosmetic dental needs, getting you back in the game and into your own rom com.

Emergency at the ready, cosmetics can address all your issues:

Discoloured teeth

Teeth whitening is great for removing surface stains caused by smoking, red wine, coffee and foods that have high pigments.  You can receive this at the clinic and leave with a whiter smile after a brief hour of treatment or there are our bespoke take-home kits that fit your mouth exactly and can offer you great results in around two weeks.

Crooked or chipped teeth

If your teeth have been chipped, or the size and shape of your teeth make them appear crooked, a good solution is veneers. A thin layer of enamel is removed from your tooth and a thin porcelain sheath is then bonded to it, covering the imperfections. Veneers can address a range of imperfections including tough stains that aren’t removed by whitening and closing small gaps between teeth.


If your teeth are mild to moderately misaligned cosmetic braces that are virtually invisible can address wonky teeth. Gone are wires and brackets and instead clear plastic teeth trays such as Invisalign, tooth-coloured braces or braces that fit on the back of your teeth offer good results quickly.

If you want to improve the way you look and the outcome of that chance meeting across a crowded room, book your consultation at Meadowbank Dental today and we can help you face all your dreams with a confident smile.