Tired of having a smile with missing teeth? Key benefits of dental implants with Meadowbank Dental

Fed up with having gaps in your smile?

Regardless of your age, if you have gaps in your teeth, it can have a serious impact on your self-confidence. Many people who have lost teeth due to disease, decay or age often report feeling self-conscious about their smiles and avoid social interaction due to embarrassment and concern over how they will be perceived.


Luckily, as dentistry has advanced, there are more solutions available than simple dentures or bridges.

At Meadowbank Dental, our restorative dentists are able to offer suitable patients dental implants in Edinburgh, that restore the functionality of the mouth, while filling those pesky gaps with natural-looking prosthetic teeth. No more worrying about messy dental adhesive or moving dentures, oral implants are the modern solution to lost teeth!

But what are the other advantages of having dental implants in Edinburgh?

No sore gums

If you have ever worn dentures, chances are you are aware of how they can rub against the gum line and cause sore spots and ulcers.

While many dental adhesives aim to reduce this, many wearers find that it is very difficult to keep their dentures firmly in place and as a result, stop wearing them. When you have dental implants in Edinburgh with Meadowbank Dental, the implants are fitted securely to your gum line and when the prostheses are fitted, your new teeth are immovable.

No more sore spots caused by friction!

No dietary restrictions

When you have missing teeth or wear dentures, it can be hard to eat all the foods you would like to.

Traditionally foods like corn on the cob and apples are removed from the diet as they require a firm, precision bite to consume.

As oral implants improve both bite strength and precision, you will be able to consume any food you want to, without worrying about moving dentures or bite strength.

No speech issues

An often-overlooked side effect of wearing dentures are the problems they can cause with speech.

Having a loose-fitting set of dentures can cause wearers to hold their facial muscles at strange angles, causing them to talk in an unusual fashion. Similarly, if you have gaps in your teeth, your tongue is able to move in an unnatural fashion, impacting on your pronunciation and inflection.

As implants will fill any gaps in your teeth and are immovable, any speech issues you may have had should improve dramatically.


Another benefit of oral implants is lifespan.

While you will still need to visit our dental team for biannual check-ups, if you maintain a high level of oral health and refrain from lifestyle factors like smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol, then your implants could last up to 40 years!

Now that’s a good investment in your smile.

Better oral health

Due to the added confidence oral implants create, many wearers feel more inclined to take better care of their oral health.

With the added benefit of no rubbing against the gum line and no ulcers, your overall oral health is likely to improve dramatically post fitting.