Want to ensure your kids have good oral health in the future? How our dentist surgery can help!

From the moment they are born, children fill our lives with happiness and love. And from a young age, they are checked every few weeks by medical professionals, to ensure they are growing and developing correctly, and feeding and sleeping well.

Dentist in EdinburghThis is all extremely important, but even in an age where dental hygiene is a frequent discussion point in the media, few parents are aware of most dental professionals’ advice on key points; when should you first take your child to the dentist? How does child dentistry differ from adult dentistry? Do children need to see a hygienist or not?

At Meadowbank Dental, our dentist in Edinburgh help parents understand the benefits of getting your children seen by our dental team at a young age and can provide both you and your child with top quality service, setting them on the road to good oral hygiene for life.

Benefits of early exposure to dental professionals

At Meadowbank, our team firmly believe that prevention is better than cure. As such, our team of dentist in Edinburgh are eager to see children as soon as they reach 12 months old.

Why is this important? Early exposure to our dentist in Edinburgh allows your child to become familiarised with the sights, sounds and smells of our dental surgery, without them needing to undertake a procedure that may be unpleasant or uncomfortable.

Similarly, early exposure to dental professionals has also been linked to better oral health later in life; children taken to see the dentist at a younger age grow up to have fewer cavities, less tooth decay and will undergo less dental surgeries in their lifetime compared to children who missed that opportunity.

Treatments we offer for children

As your child loses their baby teeth and their adult teeth begin to come through, there are targeted treatments that can help keep their newly emerged adult teeth in great shape; our team know it is best to apply these treatments as soon as all your child’s adult teeth have come through, but before the teeth show signs of daily wear.

Fluoride applications

Applied in a similar way as nail polish to a nail, these applications are applied to the enamel of your child’s teeth and seal any micro holes that may exist and be a place for bacteria to hide and multiply. This will minimise the likelihood of decay and prevent any excessive staining.


The sooner a member of our dental team identifies that your child requires braces, the shorter the treatment time will be. Our team fit braces to newly emerged adult teeth of young children every day, and at such a young age, treatment is more comfortable and successful in giving them a straight smile to show off for the rest of their life.

So call our team today and let’s help your child get a lifelong smile to be proud of!