What are some of the most popular treatments at the dentist in Edinburgh

Everyone wants an attractive smile and a full set of teeth, so how can these be obtained if you do not have healthy or straight teeth?


Many of our clients come to our practice, Meadowbank Dental Practice, asking for our help to fix their smile with braces, dental implants, and other life-changing corrective measures.

So what makes teeth-straightening aids and enhancement devices, such as tooth implants, popular? And how are they so highly efficient? Read this article to find out more.

All About Braces

Do your crooked teeth make you feel self-conscious about your smile? Braces will help to fix alignment issues permanently.

There are several types of braces available to match your dental requirements, but our dentist in Edinburgh likes to recommend Invisalign.

The advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign is not just popular because it is an efficient teeth-straightening appliance, but it is also subtle in its design.  In other words, people love invisible braces because they can wear the device without others around them knowing about it.

Another critical feature worth mentioning is the comfort of the aligners, which are custom-fabricated to fit over your teeth and gums like a glove.  People using alternative straightening aids may complain that the device hurts at times, especially when metal rubs against skin.  Therefore, the user experience of Invisalign far outweighs that of standard braces.

Invisalign straightens your teeth differently to standard devices, where your teeth are moved incrementally, rather than all at once – this helps to ease some pressure from your teeth.

By using more conventional straightening methods, your oral health could deteriorate if you do not clean your teeth thoroughly, and brushing can prove challenging when there is metal affixed to your teeth.

You can remove Invisalign aligners, which makes brushing your teeth and keeping them clean easier.

All about dental implants

Ask your dentist in Edinburgh about implants if you have lost one or multiple teeth, are suffering from extensive tooth decay, or have thought about switching over from dentures.

Implants comprise a small, titanium screw, an artificial crown, and an abutment that links the pieces together. The device, which is durable and made to last, can improve the way you live by making tasks such as eating, chewing and biting, easier.  Additionally, any speech impediments you may have, caused by absent teeth or a faulty denture, are greatly reduced by opting for dental implants.

While certainly more expensive than other kinds of tooth replacement methods, implants offer you a great deal more.  Firstly, if they are looked after well, they will last you the rest of your life.  Secondly, your implant is fastened securely in your jaw, which means that your new tooth will look and function like a real one.

To be considered a suitable candidate for the implant procedure, you must be in reasonably good health.  Your gums must be disease-free, and you need enough jawbone to insert the aforementioned titanium screw into.

There are treatments you can undergo before implant surgery which our dentist in Edinburgh will recommend, such as root planing and scaling if your gum is in poor condition, or bone grafts if you lack jawbone.