What is cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh and how can it help me?

Cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh is essentially a form of dentistry that is usually undergone through private dentists. This type of treatment is commonly desired by patients who wish to go through the national health service, however this is not offered, as it is viewed as cosmetic, and therefore aesthetic. Individuals may choose our surgery within Edinburgh to undergo their cosmetic surgery due to our level of professionalism and care, in the way we undergo dental procedures. We aim to invest time and money into the development of our dental procedures. We are unique in the way that we offer both services under the national health service, as well as private dental services. We aim to offer our facilities to all members of the public, which is why we also have disabled entrances at our practice.

What if I feel anxious when visiting my local dentist?

We understand that some individuals may feel anxiety or nerves when visiting their local dental surgery. One of the reasons for anxiety, surrounding the dentist or other dental surroundings, may be due to an irrational fear or phobia. Negative childhood experiences , such as a painful filling or an uncomfortable dental appointment, may create a negative stigma around visiting your dentist. However, modern techniques allow for almost painless procedures. Here, at Meadowbank, we have worked with many nervous patients and ensured that they are put at ease with our gentle and caring dentistry.

What cosmetic treatments do you offer?

One example of the many cosmetic dental services we offer are white fillings. These are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal fillings, and they are advantageous to the teeth in the way that they can be adhered directly onto, as well as to the side, of the tooth. White fillings can be used to replace already existing traditional metal fillings, which is an option for many patients. The cost of white fillings can vary, but we offer them privately at our surgery within Edinburgh. White fillings have the advantage of being subtle, in comparison to traditional metal fillings, and can be custom made to the shade of our patients’ teeth.

Do you offer alternative cosmetic surgeries?

One example of another cosmetic treatment we provide is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening has risen in popularity in recent years and is often viewed as something that can be achieved at home. Teeth whitening is done in a  variety of ways, and should be carried out by a dental professional, such as a member of staff at our clinic. Porcelain veneers are another option; these are essentially thin caps that are placed onto the surface of the teeth, which improves the overall appearance of the smile. Porcelain veneers may be an option for patients who suffer from staining (either extrinsic or intrinsic) and wish to improve the aesthetics of their smile. Inlays and Onlays are also available at our surgery.

What are Inlays and Onlays?

These are essentially a solution to cavities within the teeth and may be a solution suggested by us. An inlay is used for a smaller filling, whereas an onlay is used for a larger surface area.