What to expect from a dental check-up at our dentist In Edinburgh

At our dental clinic in Edinburgh we treat many patients who may be feeling nervous regarding their first dental appointment at our practice. If you are a patient who is feeling concerned about a visit to our dentist you may benefit from a pretreatment discussion with our dental team.


Easing the strain of your dental treatment

In addition to our pre-treatment dental discussions we also offer intravenous sedation. This particular form of sedation is extremely popular in the field of dentistry and allows our patients to stay conscious during their chosen dental procedure, whilst remaining completely relaxed, and therefore aware of their surroundings. If intravenous sedation sounds like something you may be interested in, then feel free to contact a member of our dental team, we display many of our contact details on our website.

A few standard procedures that may be administered during your check-up

Many patients (even those who aren’t feeling anxious) may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect from a check-up, recommended by our dental team to be every six months. One common example which could be considered as ‘standard’ is an oral examination, which may include checking the gums for dental abrasions.

Staying on top of your dental health

At our dentist In Edinburgh we not only administer a general oral examination of the teeth and the gums in addition to X-rays, but we may also ask our patients about their dental hygiene routine, as well as any changes in their diet or medication.

Are you doing enough for your smile?

Patients who are brushing their teeth twice daily (for a minimum of two minutes) may believe that they are doing enough to maintain a high standard of oral health, however this is not necessarily the case.

A visit to a dental hygienist

During your dental check-up our experienced dental team will assess the teeth for any signs of dental decay, including checking each individual tooth for cavities, which need immediate treatment. In addition to these procedures however, we may also notice a build-up of plaque or tartar on the surface of the teeth, which is extremely common, and not something to be ashamed of, however if we do recognise this we may suggest you visit our professional dental hygienist.

What to expect from a visit to our hygienist

Once our dentist In Edinburgh has decided that a visit to our hygienist will benefit you, you can expect to have a thorough cleaning of the teeth and the gums, commonly referred to as a scale and polish.

What is a scale and polish?

A scale and polish is a rigorous dental cleaning treatment which uses a special dental paste to remove any tartar or plaque on the surface of the teeth, which can contribute to tooth decay, as well as oral diseases and infections. A scale and polish is extremely common in the field of dentistry, however a dental hygienist can also give you advice on how to correctly clean your teeth at home, such as the use of interdental brushes and floss.