Who needs mouth cancer screening?

If you are looking for mouth cancer screening in Edinburgh, then we can offer our services to you. We are Meadowbank Dental Practice, situated within a ten-minute bus ride from the heart of Edinburgh.

mouth-cancer-screening-EdinburghWe are a friendly and welcoming practice offering a range of treatments. Included in each regular check-up is a mouth cancer screening. Edinburgh, like the rest of the U.K, is seeing an unfortunate rise in cancer patients. Many cases of oral cancer could be reduced in severity by simply taking part in regular mouth cancer screening. At Meadowbank Dental Practice, we include a screening to ensure that all our patients can keep a track of their health. It is therefore important to keep up to date with regular check-ups. If you have fallen behind on your dentist visits or have recently moved and need to join a new dentist, then give us a call today to arrange your check-up and mouth cancer screening in Edinburgh.

What is involved in the procedure of mouth cancer screening?

We will be looking for any lesions or lumps inside your mouth, to test them to check they are not cancerous. The examination does not take long and we will use a scanning device to ensure efficiency of the check. It is recommended that this check is done annually, and if you find any lumps or abnormalities between screens, then book in for an appointment immediately. Catching any signs of cancer early is imperative in order to reduce the chances of it spreading and becoming more serious.

What else do you offer

At Meadowbank Dental Practice, we offer many treatments to help you improve the quality of your teeth. Edinburgh is a happening place, with many bars full of shiny smiles. If you are not so confident about your teeth, then why not have a look at our website to see what is on offer? Do you have a gap that stops you beaming? Or discoloured teeth that has you hiding in photos? Perhaps a noticeable over-bite stops you from biting fully into your life. Well, we offer a range of dental treatments from braces to implants, all with the intention of creating a better life for you.