Why patients should not ignore visits to the dentist

Which aspect is taken for granted the most when it comes to a person’s health? More often than not it is dental health. Patients often neglect to follow recommended dental guidelines as to how they should take care of their teeth, skip routine dental check-ups with a dentist in Edinburgh and ignore the importance of deep in-clinic professional cleanings. The consequences of not giving dental health top priority can be costly in terms of finance and quality of life.


We find that patients are generally more concerned about their overall physical health than they are about their oral health. But what patients don’t consider is that poor dental health can have direct consequences for physical health, especially if there is a pre-existing medical condition.

One of the best things about visiting our dental clinic is that our dentist in Edinburgh can put preventive measures in place to secure the dental health of the patient. These are timely interventions that very often stop a dental condition from escalating, helping patients avoid associated discomfort and increased costs involved in prolonged dental care.

Visiting the dentist in Edinburgh regularly is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure dental health. Apart from the inconvenience and expensive treatments involved in redressing gum disease and tooth decay issues, these poor oral health concerns have the potential to harm physical health. 

Why do patients avoid the dentist?

  • Patients do not experience pain

Tooth pain is a great motivator for seeking dental care. The absence of pain and discomfort may give a patient the idea that all is well. This can be far from the truth as many dental problems exist where pain is not a sign that there is a dental issue. One such serious issue is loss of jawbone density. Jawbone density is an essential factor in supporting teeth and gums and any restorative or cosmetic dental procedure.

  • The costs of treatments

Simple dental procedures such as cleaning by a hygienist cost far less than having more complex procedures like root canals and replacing missing teeth. These professional cleanings and check-ups allow dentists to spot signs of trouble and put measures in place to not only save a patient the function of their teeth, but money as well.

  • Dental phobia

Fear of the dental chair is far more common than at first believed. Patients may have had poor experiences in the past or had to endure painful procedures which is why they are hesitant to seek dental care. Finding the right dental clinic is important. It is best for anxious patients to look for a practice that caters for this need. At Meadowbank Dental Practice our patients can choose from various dental sedation methods.

  • Embarrassed about the condition of their dental health

If patients have neglected taking care of their oral health, they are less likely to visit the dentist due to embarrassment over the condition of their teeth. Far from making judgements, our dentists are more concerned with helping patients get back on track with their dental health.

Find a caring dental practitioner at Meadowbank Dental Practice. With our reputation for providing quality dental care, there is no more reason to avoid the dentist.