You don’t have to stay grey

Having a great smile is so good for the self-confidence. People find that the happier they are with their smile, the more they smile.

And the more you smile, the more serotonin you release, which in turn, makes you feel happier. It’s a fantastic positive feedback loop.

White Fillings in EdinburghOn the other hand, if you feel self-conscious about the state of your teeth, you are more likely to smile less and to cover you mouth when you do smile.

People are very sensitive to each other’s smiles. We gauge them to find out how warm and friendly other people are, and, something that evolved in pre-history, how healthy and safe to be around they are. Now, if your teeth don’t look so great, people do notice and perhaps even subconsciously draw away.

This can be one reason why it’s a good idea to have white fillings instead of amalgam. Amalgam may be a great filling material, but attractive it is not.

If, like many people, you have a collection of amalgam fillings, please don’t feel bad about them. When you are a child, your enamel is not as hard as it will be later on, and you are still learning to brush your teeth well. Plus, you probably consumed your fair share of sweets and sugar drinks.

You can, however, replace your grey amalgam fillings with white fillings made from composite resin. This is a mixture of either glass or ceramic and resin. We can colour match it to your teeth, so when your filling is in place, it won’t show up like the grey ones do.

At Meadowbank Dental in Edinburgh, we can’t offer white fillings on the NHS, but these days our white fillings are so much stronger than they were when they first came out, so we think they are a great deal.

They have certain advantages over amalgam too. One big one is that we can shape your filling, putting back the mounds and valleys of the chewing surfaces.

The price of the filling depends on where it is in the mouth, how large it is and how complex. Do give us a call to find out more. Or ask next time you come in for a check-up.