You have many options available at your dentist in Edinburgh

You’ve made it to the end of 2019! Well done on completing another year. We’re sure as the year comes to a close, your ‘to-do’ list must be extensive. Hopefully, a visit to your dentist in Edinburgh is not last on your list!

edinburgh-dentistAt Meadowbank Dental Practice, we’re ready to help you prepare for the upcoming festivities by making sure you sort out any dental problems you’ve been experiencing. We also can help you if you’d like any cosmetic dentistry done.

Here we discuss a few dental options we have available at Meadowbank Dental Practice and what you can expect from each one of them. We hope these will encourage you to contact us.

Cosmetic dentistry at Meadowbank Dental Practice

Are you hoping to brighten your smile before the business of Christmas and the New Year begins? Or perhaps whitening your teeth is something you’ve been hoping to have time for, but just never got around to it! We have several cosmetic dentistry options available for you to consider. For example, if you’ve had cavities and left them for too long, you may need to get a filling or two. Our white fillings are a perfect alternative to the traditional silver fillings. They will match the colour of your teeth and be discreet in your mouth.


If you need more extensive work on your teeth, then our dentist in Edinburgh can help you. Patients wanting to realign their teeth have the option of getting removable aligners for example. We offer Invisalign, which is an excellent alternative to traditional metal braces. Customised aligners will be made for you, and over time, the clear plastic aligners will move your teeth into their correct positions. When you need to eat, or if you need to clean your teeth, simply remove the aligners, then pop them back when you’re done.

Implant dentistry and oral surgery

If you need any surgery, you can be certain that we are well qualified to work on your case, and we will answer any questions you may have. We encourage questions! A great example of why you may need surgery is to fill a gap in your mouth where a tooth used to be. If the gap is left too long, your other teeth may start to shift, eating or speaking can become difficult and you may feel conscious about it.

During implant surgery, our dentist in Edinburgh inserts a titanium screw into your jaw, which will then become a firm hold for a crown or denture. To the untrained eye, your new tooth will look as if it’s been there all your life!

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We hope this information has given you some insight into what you can expect from our dental services. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Or better yet, why not pop into our Meadowbank Dental Practice for a consultation? We can discuss your dental history, a treatment plan and the way forward. We look forward to meeting you!