Your dentist in Edinburgh on straight teeth with Invisalign

Using Invisalign is one of the most convenient and popular methods of straightening teeth on the planet today, because of the revolutionary way in which we are able to approach your treatment.


Rather than pulling teeth into alignment as traditional braces do, Invisalign works in a more gentle way where teeth are gradually pushed into their correct alignment over time, by the use of dental trays.

These clear, plastic aligners are removable so that you can enjoy eating and brushing your teeth as you normally would. This means that you do not have to conform to any strict rules regarding what you can eat whilst undergoing your treatment .You can also enjoy minimal discomfort as there are no wires to cut your cheeks or brackets to rub up against your lips.

You simply place your aligner trays over your teeth for a minimum of 20 hours each day. It is important to carry out the treatment for this length of time so that you can see the results that have been discussed during the consultation with your dentist in Edinburgh. You change the trays every 2 weeks or so, depending on your personal situation, to a new tray that is slightly closer to your final, beautifully straight teeth.

What can I expect during a consultation?

A dentist in Edinburgh will discuss with you the entire treatment plan, the expected costs and the length of treatment time after they have performed the iTero scan. This innovative software is at the heart of any Invisalign treatment and is how your dentist in Edinburgh is able to confidently offer you the results you are looking for.

The scan digitally pinpoints the misalignment of your teeth and gauges what needs to be done to quickly and efficiently bring teeth into a correct alignment. The trays are simply made from this software so that they are a perfect fit and there is little room for error.

There are several different treatments under the umbrella of Invisalign that mean you can streamline your treatment to suit yourself. If you only have a mild misalignment, a ‘lite’ system may be just what you are looking for. Because so many teenagers are offered teeth straightening treatment, a teenager model has also been developed, with sensors that ensure that you are wearing them for the right amount of time and other features.

Another benefit that comes with joining the millions of people who have already straightened their teeth with Invisalign, is that there is a renowned community support base online. You can ask questions, discuss or talk to professionals or others going through the same situation as you to gain knowledge, inspiration and to feel excited about your future smile. A healthy smile is important for your entire well-being. When you straighten your teeth, you are guaranteeing that your smile is as healthy as it can be. We are looking forward to ensuring you get the best treatment possible, so by speaking with us today we can start you on your journey towards a healthier and happier version of yourself.