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White Fillings

White Fillings

Think fillings and most people will think of metallic, grey-coloured amalgam fillings, which are very strong and durable but can be very noticeable, particularly if they are at the front of the mouth. Some people find this affects their confidence in their smile, which is why at Meadowbank Dental Practice we offer white or tooth-coloured fillings as part of our private cosmetic dentistry options.

White fillings are a lot less noticeable than traditional silver fillings, and are particularly popular for replacing fillings in the front teeth that have become stained or worn over time. It is possible to replace old, grey amalgam fillings with white fillings, although it is usually recommended that it is best only to replace those fillings that are worn or are visible when you smile or laugh, unless there is a clinical need for their replacement.

In the past, white fillings were thought to be less strong than metal fillings, but these days they are considered almost as strong as their amalgam counterparts. How long any filling will last depends on such factors as how well you look after them, how your teeth come together and where they are located in your mouth.

After the decayed area of your tooth has been removed, white fillings are fitted which are made from a compound of glass or ceramic materials plus resin. The colour of these fillings can be matched closely to the natural colour of your teeth, ensuring they are highly discreet. Just like your natural teeth, white fillings can stain over time, so your dentist will give you appropriate aftercare advice.

The price of white fillings varies depending on the size, shape and location in your mouth of the filling required, along with the complexity of the procedure. White fillings are not available on the NHS, so please discuss pricing options with us if you think white fillings may be suitable for you.

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