What are the signs that you need to see a dentist in Edinburgh

We advise our patients to see us twice a year for check-ups. The reason for this is so we can diagnose dental issues in their infancy stages, when they are minor and reversible.


However, we know that some individuals sometimes miss their appointments due to their hectic lifestyles, or put off seeing the dentist in Edinburgh because they know that something is wrong.

When did you last have your teeth and gums checked for problems? In the article, we will identify the signs of an unhealthy mouth and the reasons why you should seek out urgent dental care.

Reason One: You have pain

Pain or swelling in your mouth, face, and neck, is not normal and could point to many different issues.

Ignoring the problem will aggravate the condition. Allow a dentist in Edinburgh to single out the source and treat your pain accordingly.

Reason Two: Your gums are in trouble/

Looking into a mirror, do your gums appear puffy and red? Does standard brushing and flossing cause your gums to bleed?

You may have a gum disease, such as Gingivitis or Periodontitis. Gingivitis can be easily treated with a root planing and scaling if the condition is caught early enough.

However, if gingivitis becomes advanced, patients run the risk of developing Periodontitis which is much more severe and can lead to bone deterioration and tooth loss.

Reason Three: you’ve had other dental work done?

Have you recently undergone surgery for dental implants? Even if you think your tooth implants are healing well, you will still need to see your dentist in Edinburgh for regular check-ups. While rare, your jaw could reject your new tooth.

Reason Four: you can’t chew properly

Chewing problems can be caused by a plethora of underlying issues, namely tooth loss, gum disease, cavities, and dentures that do not fit properly.

Until you can see your dental practitioner, stick to a soft food diet so as not to exacerbate your pain and discomfort.

Reason Five: you have intolerable jaw pain

Jaw pain results from injury to your joints. There are several potential causes of jaw pain, including:

  • Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder is the most common cause of jaw pain, affecting millions of people globally. The disease occurs when you suffer an injury at the joint, overstimulate your jaw by clenching or grinding your teeth, or contract arthritis in the protective disk that protects your jaw joints.
  • Serious tooth infections that develop into abscesses. The pain you will endure may spread to your jaw.

Issues as severe as these must be seen by a dentist. However, before you see a dental practitioner, there are things you can do at home to ease some of the pain, like applying a cold compress to your face for ten minutes. Heat will also relax tense joints, so you can soak a cloth in warm water and hold it to the affected area.

If the practices mentioned above do little to relieve your discomfort, over-the-counter pain medication, such as ibuprofen, may help to ease some of your pain symptoms.

Seize control of your smile, though periodontics in Edinburgh

What is periodontics?


Here at Meadowbank Dental, we yearn to bring out the best in each of our patients and give them the smiles they deserve. One of the most efficient and effective methods of achieving this, is through seeking out our expert in periodontics in Edinburgh. This is a specialised discipline of dental medicine which focuses on the health and well-being of your gums and the identification and eradication of periodontal disease. Our periodontists are well versed in addressing oral inflammation of all descriptions, as well as the placement of dental implants. The field of periodontics is a particularly specialised one, as it requires that dentists attend an additional three years of study at university before they can practice in periodontics. Those who seek out periodontics in Edinburgh from us here at Meadowbank Dental can rest assured they will receive a comprehensive service which will address any gum-related issues they may have.

What to expect from our periodontist in Edinburgh

Periodontal disease, or ‘gum disease’ as it is more commonly referred to, is the number one preventable cause of tooth loss in adults across the UK. During your preliminary visit, when seeking out periodontics in Edinburgh, our trained and approachable periodontist will question patients on their overall dental health and any pre-existing medical conditions they may have – which is important to know, prior to beginning any course of treatment. Thereafter they will generally conduct a thorough examination of your gums. This is done to establish the level of recession of your gums and identify any swelling or redness which may be onset indicators of gingivitis or periodontal disease. The periodontist will also assess how your teeth fit together, and establish if any of your teeth are loose. Also, during your first time seeking out periodontics in Edinburgh through us here at Meadowbank Dental, our expert periodontist will use a specialist tool known as a ‘probe’ which is a small measuring tool gauging the spaces between teeth – commonly referred to as ‘periodontal pockets’. X-rays and other tests may also be carried out to give our periodontist a better, more accurate view of your gums and how best they can help restore or maintain your oral health.

Gum contouring

In addition to identifying and eradicating periodontal disease, another vital service which is carried out by our periodontists here at Meadowbank, is gum contouring. This is a form of cosmetic dentistry which is used to reshape and mould a patient’s gum and address the issues of those who possess a ‘gummy smile’. Often, patients who have gums which are misshapen or rest too high or unevenly on a patient’s teeth can find it negatively impacts their self-esteem and their ability to smile freely without embarrassment. Because of this many patients turn to the aid of our periodontist here at Meadowbank to reshape their gums and restore their ability to smile without care. The process of undertaking gum reshaping surgery is one which is carried out within our practice here at Meadowbank, and involves the use of specialised dental equipment and methodologies such as radiosurgery, scalpels and lasers to get rid of any excess gum tissue which may be covering up portions of the teeth and to provide patients with a more together and even looking smile.

The cost of teeth straightening with a dentist in Edinburgh

If you have ever thought about having your teeth straightened, the chances are you have spent time mulling over finance options and have postponed this procedure until you feel more financially stable.


It can be difficult finding funds for what you may consider to be a cosmetic procedure, however, misaligned teeth will only get worse over time and it can have a negative impact on your overall health.

By being transparent and honest about the cost of straightening your teeth, we are confident that we can get you excited about the possibilities that are waiting for you. By proving to you that we are more focused on your results rather than creating business, a mutual understanding and respect can be established, which is important for this procedure to go smoothly.

Results speak for themselves and we are not interested in bringing in additional hidden costs. Trust that your dentist in Edinburgh is on your side and here with you throughout the entire experience.

If you are uncertain as to whether a particular device is better for you over another, discuss it with a dentist in Edinburgh who will be able to explain the differences between each model, and the potential advantages and disadvantages that are specific to your personal case. A price breakdown will let you compare models and enable you to come to an informed decision about the most suitable choice for your personal situation, both physically and financially.

Only when both your dentist in Edinburgh and yourself are in agreement with one another are you able to work out a treatment plan that is going to deliver the results that you are both looking for. It is our utmost priority to be cooperative and understanding, and non-judgemental of any of the questions and concerns that you may have. Only when you are comfortable with talking to us about these will we be able to fully understand what it is you are looking for.

What are some options?

Invisalign is a removable aligner that has many different styles to suit different situations. The Invisalign team has developed teen and lite models to make the system more adaptable to many of our patients. Depending on the length of the treatment and the severity of your case, the costs do vary.

What you can be sure of with us

We will go through everything that is needed so that you are aware of every cost of this Invisalign procedure. We will make you aware of additional extras, such as the cost of your retainer, whitening gel and potential refinement, so you will feel assured that there won’t be any unexpected extras to pay out for. Come in and speak with us about your options today so that we can offer you all the information that you need in order to get your teeth looking and feeling great.

Tired of having a smile with missing teeth? Key benefits of dental implants with Meadowbank Dental

Fed up with having gaps in your smile?

Regardless of your age, if you have gaps in your teeth, it can have a serious impact on your self-confidence. Many people who have lost teeth due to disease, decay or age often report feeling self-conscious about their smiles and avoid social interaction due to embarrassment and concern over how they will be perceived.


Luckily, as dentistry has advanced, there are more solutions available than simple dentures or bridges.

At Meadowbank Dental, our restorative dentists are able to offer suitable patients dental implants in Edinburgh, that restore the functionality of the mouth, while filling those pesky gaps with natural-looking prosthetic teeth. No more worrying about messy dental adhesive or moving dentures, oral implants are the modern solution to lost teeth!

But what are the other advantages of having dental implants in Edinburgh?

No sore gums

If you have ever worn dentures, chances are you are aware of how they can rub against the gum line and cause sore spots and ulcers.

While many dental adhesives aim to reduce this, many wearers find that it is very difficult to keep their dentures firmly in place and as a result, stop wearing them. When you have dental implants in Edinburgh with Meadowbank Dental, the implants are fitted securely to your gum line and when the prostheses are fitted, your new teeth are immovable.

No more sore spots caused by friction!

No dietary restrictions

When you have missing teeth or wear dentures, it can be hard to eat all the foods you would like to.

Traditionally foods like corn on the cob and apples are removed from the diet as they require a firm, precision bite to consume.

As oral implants improve both bite strength and precision, you will be able to consume any food you want to, without worrying about moving dentures or bite strength.

No speech issues

An often-overlooked side effect of wearing dentures are the problems they can cause with speech.

Having a loose-fitting set of dentures can cause wearers to hold their facial muscles at strange angles, causing them to talk in an unusual fashion. Similarly, if you have gaps in your teeth, your tongue is able to move in an unnatural fashion, impacting on your pronunciation and inflection.

As implants will fill any gaps in your teeth and are immovable, any speech issues you may have had should improve dramatically.


Another benefit of oral implants is lifespan.

While you will still need to visit our dental team for biannual check-ups, if you maintain a high level of oral health and refrain from lifestyle factors like smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol, then your implants could last up to 40 years!

Now that’s a good investment in your smile.

Better oral health

Due to the added confidence oral implants create, many wearers feel more inclined to take better care of their oral health.

With the added benefit of no rubbing against the gum line and no ulcers, your overall oral health is likely to improve dramatically post fitting.

Get your dentist in Edinburgh to fill in the gaps

A lot of people end up losing one, or some, of their teeth over the course of their lives and this can be a traumatic event. A dentist in Edinburgh understands that you might feel a little upset, and no longer quite your whole self, for some time after. Depending on your personal situation, you may lose a lot of confidence in your smile. You may struggle to eat certain foods, especially if they are hard or sharp, which can damage your now exposed and sensitive gums.


All of this can have a terrible impact on your physical and psychological health. To make you aware of these negative associations that missing teeth can have on your body, we educate our patients so that you are inspired to take action and care for yourself in a positive way.

The sooner you seek advice on replacing your missing teeth, and move on to the subsequent procedures, the less your body will be negatively impacted by it. You can quickly get back to your old self, eating food and laughing again with confidence.

What are the negative impacts of missing teeth?

Education is power.  Let us get down to the serious impacts that are proven to be associated with missing teeth so that you are able to keep informed, and make the right decision for your oral health.

We know that once a tooth is lost, the teeth around it can begin to shift and twist in an attempt to compensate. As teeth become misaligned, this can lead to further complications as it can weaken the hold that your roots have on your gum and they may become loose.

Your gum tissue that is exposed at the site of the lost tooth is sensitive and can be easily injured from the food that you eat. Cuts can get infected and this can be painful. You may begin to avoid hard or sharp foods as a result which can have an overall negative impact on your health.

What can I do?

You can consider having a dental implant to replace your missing tooth. A dentist in Edinburgh performs a minor surgical procedure to insert a titanium rod in place of your original tooth root. The benefit of this procedure, as opposed to alternatives, is that this will continue to stimulate your jaw bone and encourage it to remain strong.

Alternative options do not do this and unfortunately, people begin to have issues with jaw bone degradation over time. This is a natural response from your body and can cause the face to droop and sag and if you have dentures, you may begin to feel them slipping, which can be uncomfortable.

If you have dentures and have found that they no longer stay in place as they once did, your dentist in Edinburgh will be able to go through some procedures that may be available for you so that you can enjoy your smile more. With a positive mentality, and dedication to improving your oral health, you can have a smile with dental implants that can last you for decades.

Quick and effective treatments by your dentist in Edinburgh

Busy working professionals do not always have the time or patience to have lengthy cosmetic dental procedures, even if it means they can have the smile that they would like to have. We are a society that lives in the now and if we cannot see a short-term advantage to a situation, we are sometimes forced to put it on the backburner until we have more time for them.


Should it be a major treatment, like veneers or teeth straightening procedures, then sometimes we are able to make these positive changes to our smile.

However, less significant dental care can be overlooked. By providing some DIY at home treatments for our patients, we hope to save you from the need to spend time at our practice when you don’t need to.

Your dentist in Edinburgh is always here to provide solutions that can aid you in enjoying your smile more. Because when you love your smile, you are more likely to take good care of it. A healthy smile can provide you with a lifetime of use and you might be surprised at how much more confident you feel when your smile is looking its best.

Your dentist in Edinburgh can help you to make small changes to your oral hygiene routine that can keep it cleaner and healthier.

What on earth are we talking about?

Teeth whitening of course! Teeth whitening is extremely popular and this is for a very good reason. Millions of people worldwide see significant results and many whiten their teeth before a special event, or just because they want to feel better about their smile.

It is important to determine whether or not your teeth are suitable for a teeth whitening treatment. Your dentist in Edinburgh will closely inspect your teeth to determine the level of staining that you have and what kind of staining it is. Stains can come from a number of sources and, unfortunately, there are some kinds that we simply cannot fix. Medines can stain your teeth and so can a few dental treatments. In these instances, it will be difficult to restore the colour of your teeth back to their original colour.

However, if you drink a lot of coffee, tea, or red wine, if you smoke, or enjoy frequent curries, then we might be able to lighten your teeth by several shades.

You will also be made aware at your consultation that some teeth are a darker hue than others. If you are unhappy with the shade of your natural teeth, we can discuss alternative methods such as veneers, to whiten your smile.

If you choose to take a whitening kit home with you, we will provide you with all of the necessary tools and information so that you can whiten your teeth at your own leisure. Usually you can wear the provided tray and cleaning gel overnight, using a less potent chemical than the one we use in the practice.

A dentist in Edinburgh for all your smile needs

A smile says more than words ever can. By putting your best smile forward, you are sharing with your friends, family and acquaintances your best self which not only aids in your self- esteem, but can invite others subconsciously into your life, allowing more doors to be opened for yourself as well.


A dentist in Edinburgh understands this, and as such has developed an intensive system filled to the brim with a vast selection of services which you can explore at leisure to create the smile of your dreams. From preventive dentistry for children and adults, restorative treatments using only the best materials and equipment, to cosmetic dentistry that goes beyond the teeth, we have a range of treatments that are bound to have you smiling.

By speaking to a dentist in Edinburgh about your personal situation as well as your smile goals, we can both work together in creating a treatment plan which you are happy with. By first ensuring that your teeth and gums are strong, clean and healthy, you can then move onwards to improving your smile with a range of cosmetic treatments which quite often doubly serve as preventive or restorative treatments to maintain the health of your smile.

What are some of these cosmetic treatments?

Some treatments, such as dental implants are important for your overall health and well-being. As your teeth are designed to work together, when you lose one or several teeth, the remaining teeth will suffer. A dentist in Edinburgh will provide you with the options that are available to you in order to restore your mouth to full functionality.

Still understood as a cosmetic treatment plan, dental implants will also prevent further complications arising in your mouth, as well as restoring your smile back to its original state. It is often the way that the fields of dentistry overlap as professionals work to improve your overall well-being by ensuring you are happy with your smile.

Taking it a step further

In this modern age, we understand that how you feel about your smile goes beyond the health of your teeth and gums. Many of us have explored anti wrinkle treatments and lip augmentation to improve our appearances, so it was a natural progression for highly skilled dental health care professionals to use their knowledge of the anatomy and structure of the face as well as the materials that are commonly used to provide you with professional assistance in this matter.

Who better to accurately apply dermal fillers that a professional with many years of training and experience in this area of your body? We are confident in our abilities to provide you with a natural, youthful look that completes your healthy, strong smile.

A modern day dental practice is a one stop shop for your physical and psychological smile needs. We warmly invite you to speak with us about your concerns and desires that you have regarding your smile, so that we can offer you a range of affordable and effective treatment plans that will suit you.

Enhance your smile with teeth whitening

Many people wish that they had whiter teeth when they look in the mirror. Whether you have stained teeth due to poor brushing routines or simply because you drink a lot of tea, at Meadowbank Dental we want to make your smile shine again.  We provide teeth whitening in Edinburgh that can be done at our practice or at home, and will leave you with teeth that are several shades whiter. Having a whiter smile and getting stains removed can make you appear more youthful again, not to mention leave you feeling much more confident when it comes to smiling and speaking in public.


Results from whitening treatments will always vary from patient to patient as everybody’s teeth are their own individual shade. However, you will be able to express to your dental practitioner how many shades brighter you would like your teeth to be and they will be able to plan your treatment according to this. 

Our treatments let you whiten your smile at our practice or at home

When you decide to find out more about teeth whitening in Edinburgh you will discover that we have more than one treatment option available at Meadowbank Dental, so you can opt for the one that suits you and your teeth the most. Regardless of whether you have your teeth whitened in our practice or at home you will need to make a consultation appointment with one of our professionals to ensure your teeth are suitable for treatment.

If you choose to whiten your teeth more gradually at home in your own time then you will still need to visit your dental practitioner to have impressions taken of your teeth. Once you have had these taken your dentist will have custom-made trays available for you. These will fit comfortably over your own teeth, and you will need to wear them for around forty-five minutes for two weeks to ensure the treatment works properly. Your dental professional will demonstrate how to put whitening gel into the trays too, as this is what is needed to actually whiten your teeth.

If you would rather not trust yourself with a home-kit, then our fully qualified professionals are more than happy to whiten your teeth for you. We also offer combinations of in-practice whitening and home-kits, as this is said to achieve the most desirable results.

Can everybody have their teeth whitened?

Unfortunately having teeth whitening in Edinburgh is not a suitable option for everybody. If you have artificial teeth in the form of either dental implants or removable dentures then they are unable to be whitened, which is the same when it comes to dental appliances such as crowns, veneers and bridges. If you wish to brighten up your smile and you have these appliances then it may be a case of speaking to your practitioner about renewing them so they appear fresher.

Suffering from gum disease or tooth decay will also lessen your chances of being able to have whitening treatment, as your practitioner will only allow you to undergo this treatment if your teeth are strong and healthy. You may also not be able to have this treatment if you suffer with sensitive teeth.

Quality care from your dentist in Edinburgh

Needless to say, by choosing a dentist in Edinburgh who has the knowledge and access to the latest technological innovations, you are ensuring that you are provided with the greatest quality of care that is available.


This is because only with such advances in technology can your dentist in Edinburgh identify very early signs of disease or decay. By spotting these signs before they become problematic, preventive measures can be taken to strengthen your teeth and gums and steer your oral health in the right direction to keep your mouth healthy.

This means that a dentist in Edinburgh is able to focus a lot of their attention on preventive dentistry rather than restorative for your oral health care, allowing you to enjoy your natural teeth for longer. Restorative dental care, although extremely beneficial will never compare to avoiding the need to repair teeth in the first place. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

What do we do to ensure your mouth remains healthy?

There is a lot that we can do together to educate and enable you to keep your natural teeth strong and healthy. It begins with establishing a positive relationship with one another, where you feel comfortable with coming in to see us generally twice a year.

By frequently visiting one of our team members, we are able to identify subtle changes in the structure and stability of your teeth. By using high magnification, strong lighting and high resolution digital scans, we can check your teeth and gums for the slightest hint of decay or disease. These things can creep up on you without any signs or symptoms until it is too late, so we can continually monitor the health of your mouth biannually to catch anything early.

What preventive treatments can we offer?

Like we said before, prevention is better than any cure that is available, so by taking the first step and speaking to one of our professionals about what we can do to help will give you not only peace of mind, but your mouth a strong fighting chance.

Preventive treatments are available to both adults and children and include sealants, fluoride applications and dental hygiene to name but a few. We can also improve and freshen your breath, educate on smoking cessation, screen your mouth for cancer and educate you on the signs, as well as advise you on how to keep teeth healthy during pregnancy.

Centring around education and cleanliness, preventive dentistry relies on your willingness and ability to commit yourself to a good oral health routine. For people such as children who may find it difficult to reach hard to brush places, a sealant can be a useful means of avoiding devastating cavities on young teeth.

By applying a fissure sealant on top of the deep grooves that appear in the back molars, food can no longer be trapped, avoiding the scenario which can set off a chain of events leading to decay and disease. The sealant can last for several years and once it begins to chip away, can easily be replaced.

We urge you to seek out solutions that enable us to help you maintain strong and healthy teeth for life. By speaking with us about your options, we can assist and educate you in keeping your smile bright.

Why patients should not ignore visits to the dentist

Which aspect is taken for granted the most when it comes to a person’s health? More often than not it is dental health. Patients often neglect to follow recommended dental guidelines as to how they should take care of their teeth, skip routine dental check-ups with a dentist in Edinburgh and ignore the importance of deep in-clinic professional cleanings. The consequences of not giving dental health top priority can be costly in terms of finance and quality of life.


We find that patients are generally more concerned about their overall physical health than they are about their oral health. But what patients don’t consider is that poor dental health can have direct consequences for physical health, especially if there is a pre-existing medical condition.

One of the best things about visiting our dental clinic is that our dentist in Edinburgh can put preventive measures in place to secure the dental health of the patient. These are timely interventions that very often stop a dental condition from escalating, helping patients avoid associated discomfort and increased costs involved in prolonged dental care.

Visiting the dentist in Edinburgh regularly is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure dental health. Apart from the inconvenience and expensive treatments involved in redressing gum disease and tooth decay issues, these poor oral health concerns have the potential to harm physical health. 

Why do patients avoid the dentist?

  • Patients do not experience pain

Tooth pain is a great motivator for seeking dental care. The absence of pain and discomfort may give a patient the idea that all is well. This can be far from the truth as many dental problems exist where pain is not a sign that there is a dental issue. One such serious issue is loss of jawbone density. Jawbone density is an essential factor in supporting teeth and gums and any restorative or cosmetic dental procedure.

  • The costs of treatments

Simple dental procedures such as cleaning by a hygienist cost far less than having more complex procedures like root canals and replacing missing teeth. These professional cleanings and check-ups allow dentists to spot signs of trouble and put measures in place to not only save a patient the function of their teeth, but money as well.

  • Dental phobia

Fear of the dental chair is far more common than at first believed. Patients may have had poor experiences in the past or had to endure painful procedures which is why they are hesitant to seek dental care. Finding the right dental clinic is important. It is best for anxious patients to look for a practice that caters for this need. At Meadowbank Dental Practice our patients can choose from various dental sedation methods.

  • Embarrassed about the condition of their dental health

If patients have neglected taking care of their oral health, they are less likely to visit the dentist due to embarrassment over the condition of their teeth. Far from making judgements, our dentists are more concerned with helping patients get back on track with their dental health.

Find a caring dental practitioner at Meadowbank Dental Practice. With our reputation for providing quality dental care, there is no more reason to avoid the dentist.